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ICD-10-CM Chapter 15
Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

Chapter 15 of the 2016 edition of the ICD-10-CM contains ICD codes that cover pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium, in the code range O00-O9A.

Code Range Section Description
O00-O08 Pregnancy with abortive outcome
O09 Supervision of high risk pregnancy
O10-O16 Edema, proteinuria and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
O20-O29 Other maternal disorders predominantly related to pregnancy
O30-O48 Maternal care related to the fetus and amniotic cavity and possible delivery problems
O60-O77 Complications of labor and delivery
O80-O82 Encounter for delivery
O85-O92 Complications predominantly related to the puerperium
O94-O9A Other obstetric conditions, not elsewhere classified

Coding Notes for Chapter 15

Chapter Notes:
Codes from this chapter are for use for conditions related to or aggravated by the pregnancy, childbirth, or by the puerperium (maternal causes or obstetric causes)
Trimesters are counted from the first day of the last menstrual period. They are defined as follows:
1st trimester- less than 14 weeks 0 days
2nd trimester- 14 weeks 0 days to less than 28 weeks 0 days
3rd trimester- 28 weeks 0 days until delivery
Additional Code Note:
Use Additional Code
Use Additional Code note means a second code must be used in conjunction with this code. Codes with this note are Etiology codes and must be followed by a Manifestation code or codes.
Code from category Z3A, Weeks of gestation, to identify the specific week of the pregnancy See code Z3A
Chapter Type-1 Excludes:
Type-1 Excludes
Type-1 Excludes mean the conditions excluded are mutually exclusive and should never be coded together. Excludes 1 means "do not code here."
Supervision of normal pregnancy - instead, use code Z34.-
Chapter Type-2 Excludes:
Type-2 Excludes
Type-2 Excludes means the excluded conditions are different, although they may appear similar. A patient may have both conditions, but one does not include the other. Excludes 2 means "not coded here."
Mental and behavioral disorders associated with the puerperium - instead, use Code F53
Obstetrical tetanus - instead, use Code A34
Postpartum necrosis of pituitary gland - instead, use code E23.0
Puerperal osteomalacia - instead, use code M83.0

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