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Conjunctivitis ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 44 terms under the parent term 'Conjunctivitis' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: H10.9

Acanthamoeba B60.12
acute H10.3-
atopic H10.1-
mucopurulent H10.02-
follicular H10.01-
chemical H10.21- - see also Corrosion, cornea
pseudomembranous H10.22-
serous except viral H10.23-
viral - see Conjunctivitis, viral
toxic H10.21-
adenoviral (acute) (follicular) B30.1
allergic (acute) - see Conjunctivitis, acute, atopic
chronic H10.45
vernal H10.44
anaphylactic - see Conjunctivitis, acute, atopic
Apollo B30.3
atopic (acute) - see Conjunctivitis, acute, atopic
Béal's B30.2
blennorrhagic (gonococcal) (neonatorum) A54.31
chemical (acute) H10.21- - see also Corrosion, cornea
chlamydial A74.0
due to trachoma A71.1
neonatal P39.1
chronic (nodosa) (petrificans) (phlyctenular) H10.40-
allergic H10.45
vernal H10.44
follicular H10.43-
giant papillary H10.41-
simple H10.42-
vernal H10.44
coxsackievirus 24 B30.3
diphtheritic A36.86
due to
dust - see Conjunctivitis, acute, atopic
filariasis B74.9
mucocutaneous leishmaniasis B55.2
enterovirus type 70 (hemorrhagic) B30.3
epidemic (viral) B30.9
hemorrhagic B30.3
gonococcal (neonatorum) A54.31
granular (trachomatous) A71.1
sequelae (late effect) B94.0
hemorrhagic (acute) (epidemic) B30.3
herpes zoster B02.31
in (due to)
Acanthamoeba B60.12
adenovirus (acute) (follicular) B30.1
Chlamydia A74.0
coxsackievirus 24 B30.3
diphtheria A36.86
enterovirus type 70 (hemorrhagic) B30.3
filariasis B74.9
gonococci A54.31
herpes (simplex) virus B00.53
zoster B02.31
infectious disease NEC B99
meningococci A39.89
mucocutaneous leishmaniasis B55.2
rosacea L71.9
syphilis (late) A52.71
zoster B02.31
inclusion A74.0
infantile P39.1
gonococcal A54.31
Koch-Weeks' - see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
light - see Conjunctivitis, acute, atopic
ligneous - see Blepharoconjunctivitis, ligneous
meningococcal A39.89
mucopurulent - see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
neonatal P39.1
gonococcal A54.31
Newcastle B30.8
of Béal B30.2
filariasis B74.9
mucocutaneous leishmaniasis B55.2
Parinaud's H10.89
petrificans H10.89
rosacea L71.9
specified NEC H10.89
swimming-pool B30.1
trachomatous A71.1
acute A71.0
sequelae (late effect) B94.0
traumatic NEC H10.89
tuberculous A18.59
tularemic A21.1
tularensis A21.1
viral B30.9
due to
adenovirus B30.1
enterovirus B30.3
specified NEC B30.8
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