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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 716 terms starting with the letter 'C' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Cachexia R64
Café, au lait spots L81.3
Caffey's syndrome Q78.8
Caisson disease T70.3
Cake kidney Q63.1
Caked breast (puerperal, postpartum) O92.79
Calabar swelling B74.3
Calcaneal spur - see Spur, bone, calcaneal
Calcaneo-apophysitis M92.8
Calcareous - see condition
Calcicosis J62.8
Calciferol (vitamin D) deficiency E55.9
Calcified - see Calcification
Calcinosis (interstitial) (tumoral) (universalis) E83.59
Calciphylaxis E83.59 - see also Calcification, by site
Calciuria R82.99
Calculi - see Calculus
Calculosis, intrahepatic - see Calculus, bile duct
Calculus, calculi, calculous
Calicectasis N28.89
Caliectasis N28.89
Caligo cornea - see Opacity, cornea, central
Callositas, callosity (infected) L84
Callus (infected) L84
Calorie deficiency or malnutrition E46 - see also Malnutrition
Calvé-Perthes disease - see Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease
Calvé's disease - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, spine
Calvities - see Alopecia, androgenic
Cameroon fever - see Malaria
Camptocormia (hysterical) F44.4
Camurati-Engelmann syndrome Q78.3
Canal - see also condition
Canaliculitis (lacrimal) (acute) (subacute) H04.33-
Canavan's disease E75.29
Canceled procedure (surgical) Z53.9
Cancer - see also Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cancer (o)phobia F45.29
Cancerous - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Cancrum oris A69.0
Candidiasis, candidal B37.9
Candidid L30.2
Candidosis - see Candidiasis
Candiru infection or infestation B88.8
Canities (premature) L67.1
Canker (mouth) (sore) K12.0
Cannabinosis J66.2
Canton fever A75.9
Cantrell's syndrome Q87.89
Capillariasis (intestinal) B81.1
Capillary - see condition
Caplan's syndrome - see Rheumatoid, lung
Capsule - see condition
Capsulitis (joint) - see also Enthesopathy
Car sickness T75.3
Carapata (disease) A68.0
Carate - see Pinta
Carbon lung J60
Carbuncle L02.93
Carbunculus - see Carbuncle
Carcinoid (tumor) - see Tumor, carcinoid
Carcinoidosis E34.0
Carcinoma (malignant) - see also Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Carcinoma-in-situ - see also Neoplasm, in situ, by site
Carcinomaphobia F45.29
Carcinomatosis C80.0
Carcinosarcoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Cardia, cardial - see condition
Cardiac - see also condition
Cardialgia - see Pain, precordial
Cardiectasis - see Hypertrophy, cardiac
Cardiochalasia K21.9
Cardiomalacia I51.5
Cardiomegalia glycogenica diffusa E74.02
Cardiomegaly - see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
Cardiomyoliposis I51.5
Cardiomyopathy (familial) (idiopathic) I42.9
Cardionephritis - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardionephropathy - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardionephrosis - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardiopathia nigra I27.0
Cardiopathy I51.9 - see also Disease, heart
Cardiopericarditis - see Pericarditis
Cardiophobia F45.29
Cardiorenal - see condition
Cardiorrhexis - see Infarct, myocardium
Cardiosclerosis - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
Cardiosis - see Disease, heart
Cardiospasm (esophagus) (reflex) (stomach) K22.0
Cardiostenosis - see Disease, heart
Cardiosymphysis I31.0
Cardiovascular - see condition
Carditis (acute) (bacterial) (chronic) (subacute) I51.89
Care (of) (for) (following)
Carious teeth - see Caries, dental
Carneous mole O02.0
Carnitine insufficiency E71.40
Carotid body or sinus syndrome G90.01
Carotidynia G90.01
Carotinemia (dietary) E67.1
Carotinosis (cutis) (skin) E67.1
Carpal tunnel syndrome - see Syndrome, carpal tunnel
Carpenter's syndrome Q87.0
Carpopedal spasm - see Tetany
Carr-Barr-Plunkett syndrome Q97.1
Carrier (suspected) of
Carrion's disease A44.0
Carter's relapsing fever (Asiatic) A68.1
Cartilage - see condition
Caruncle (inflamed)
Cascade stomach K31.2
Caseation lymphatic gland (tuberculous) A18.2
Cassidy (-Scholte) syndrome (malignant carcinoid) E34.0
Castellani's disease A69.8
Castration, traumatic, male S38.231
Casts in urine R82.99
Catabolism, senile R54
Catalepsy (hysterical) F44.2
Cataplexy (idiopathic) - see - Narcolepsy
Cataract (cortical) (immature) (incipient) H26.9
Cataracta - see also Cataract
Catarrh, catarrhal (acute) (febrile) (infectious) (inflammation) J00 - see also condition
Catatonia (schizophrenic) F20.2
Cat-scratch - see also Abrasion
Cauda equina - see condition
Cauliflower ear M95.1-
Causalgia (upper limb) G56.4-
Caustic burn - see Corrosion, by site
Cavare's disease (familial periodic paralysis) G72.3
Cave-in, injury
Cavernitis (penis) N48.29
Cavernositis N48.29
Cavernous - see condition
Cavitation of lung - see also Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Cavities, dental - see Caries, dental
Cavovarus foot, congenital Q66.1
Cavus foot (congenital) Q66.7
Cazenave's disease L10.2
Cecitis K52.9
Cecum - see condition
Cell (s), cellular - see also condition
Cellulitis (diffuse) (phlegmonous) (septic) (suppurative) L03.90
Cementoblastoma, benign - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Cementoma - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Cementoperiostitis - see Periodontitis
Cementosis K03.4
Central auditory processing disorder H93.25
Central pain syndrome G89.0
Cephalematocele, cephal (o)hematocele
Cephalematoma, cephalhematoma (calcified)
Cephalgia, cephalalgia - see also Headache
Cephalic - see condition
Cephalitis - see Encephalitis
Cephalocele - see Encephalocele
Cephalomenia N94.89
Cephalopelvic - see condition
Cerclage (with cervical incompetence) in pregnancy - see Incompetence, cervix, in pregnancy
Cerebellitis - see Encephalitis
Cerebellum, cerebellar - see condition
Cerebral - see condition
Cerebritis - see Encephalitis
Cerebro-hepato-renal syndrome Q87.89
Cerebromalacia - see Softening, brain
Cerebroside lipidosis E75.22
Cerebrospasticity (congenital) G80.1
Cerebrospinal - see condition
Cerebrum - see condition
Ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal E75.4
Cerumen (accumulation) (impacted) H61.2-
Cervical - see also condition
Cervicalgia M54.2
Cervicitis (acute) (chronic) (nonvenereal) (senile (atrophic)) (subacute) (with ulceration) N72
Cervicocolpitis (emphysematosa) (see also Cervicitis) N72
Cervix - see condition
Cesarean delivery, previous, affecting management of pregnancy O34.21
Céstan (-Chenais) paralysis or syndrome G46.3
Céstan-Raymond syndrome I65.8
Cestode infestation B71.9
Cestodiasis B71.9
Chabert's disease A22.9
Chacaleh E53.8
Chafing L30.4
Chagas' (-Mazza) disease (chronic) B57.2
Chagres fever B50.9
Chairridden Z74.09
Chalasia (cardiac sphincter) K21.9
Chalazion H00.19
Chalcosis - see also Disorder, globe, degenerative, chalcosis
Chalicosis (pulmonum) J62.8
Chancre (any genital site) (hard) (hunterian) (mixed) (primary) (seronegative) (seropositive) (syphilitic) A51.0
Chancroid (anus) (genital) (penis) (perineum) (rectum) (urethra) (vulva) A57
Chandler's disease (osteochondritis dissecans, hip) - see Osteochondritis, dissecans, hip
Change (s) (in) (of) - see also Removal
Changing sleep-work schedule, affecting sleep G47.26
Changuinola fever A93.1
Chapping skin T69.8
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, paralysis or syndrome G60.0
CHARGE association Q89.8
Charley-horse (quadriceps) M62.831
Charlouis' disease - see Yaws
Cheadle's disease E54
Checking (of)
Check-up - see Examination
Chédiak-Higashi (-Steinbrinck) syndrome (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules) E70.330
Cheek - see condition
Cheese itch B88.0
Cheese-washer's lung J67.8
Cheese-worker's lung J67.8
Cheilitis (acute) (angular) (catarrhal) (chronic) (exfoliative) (gangrenous) (glandular) (infectional) (suppurative) (ulcerative) (vesicular) K13.0
Cheilodynia K13.0
Cheiloschisis - see Cleft, lip
Cheilosis (angular) K13.0
Cheiromegaly M79.89
Cheiropompholyx L30.1
Cheloid - see Keloid
Chemical burn - see Corrosion, by site
Chemodectoma - see Paraganglioma, nonchromaffin
Chemosis, conjunctiva - see Edema, conjunctiva
Chemotherapy (session) (for)
Cherubism M27.8
Chest - see condition
Cheyne-Stokes breathing (respiration) R06.3
Chicago disease B40.9
Chickenpox - see Varicella
Chiclero ulcer or sore B55.1
Chigger (infestation) B88.0
Chignon (disease) B36.8
Chilaiditi's syndrome (subphrenic displacement, colon) Q43.3
Chilblain (s) (lupus) T69.1
Childbirth - see Delivery
Chill (s) R68.83
Chilomastigiasis A07.8
Chimera 46,XX/46,XY Q99.0
Chin - see condition
Chinese dysentery A03.9
Chionophobia F40.228
Chitral fever A93.1
Chlamydia, chlamydial A74.9
Chlamydiosis - see Chlamydia
Chloasma (skin) (idiopathic) (symptomatic) L81.1
Chloroma C92.3-
Chlorosis D50.9
Chlorotic anemia D50.8
Chocolate cyst (ovary) N80.1
Chokes (resulting from bends) T70.3
Choking sensation R09.89
Cholangiectasis K83.8
Cholangiohepatitis K83.8
Cholangiohepatoma C22.0
Cholangiolitis (acute) (chronic) (extrahepatic) (gangrenous) (intrahepatic) K83.0
Cholangioma D13.4
Cholangitis (ascending) (primary) (recurrent) (sclerosing) (secondary) (stenosing) (suppurative) K83.0
Cholecystectasia K82.8
Cholecystitis K81.9
Cholecystolithiasis - see Calculus, gallbladder
Choledochitis (suppurative) K83.0
Choledocholith - see Calculus, bile duct
Choledocholithiasis (common duct) (hepatic duct) - see Calculus, bile duct
Cholelithiasis (cystic duct) (gallbladder) (impacted) (multiple) - see Calculus, gallbladder
Cholemia - see also Jaundice
Choleperitoneum, choleperitonitis K65.3
Cholera (Asiatic) (epidemic) (malignant) A00.9
Cholerine - see Cholera
Cholestasis NEC K83.1
Cholesteatoma (ear) (middle) (with reaction) H71.9-
Cholesteatosis, diffuse H71.3-
Cholesteremia E78.0
Cholesterin in vitreous - see Deposit, crystalline
Cholesterolemia (essential) (familial) (hereditary) (pure) E78.0
Cholesterolosis, cholesterosis (gallbladder) K82.4
Cholocolic fistula K82.3
Choluria R82.2
Chondritis M94.8X9
Chondroblastoma - see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Chondrocalcinosis M11.20
Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis or anthelicis - see Perichondritis, ear
Chondrodysplasia Q78.9
Chondrodystrophy, chondrodystrophia (familial) (fetalis) (hypoplastic) Q78.9
Chondroectodermal dysplasia Q77.6
Chondrogenesis imperfecta Q77.4
Chondrolysis M94.35-
Chondroma - see also Neoplasm, cartilage, benign
Chondromalacia (systemic) M94.20
Chondromatosis - see also Neoplasm, cartilage, uncertain behavior
Chondromyxosarcoma - see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Chondro-osteodysplasia (Morquio-Brailsford type) E76.219
Chondro-osteodystrophy E76.29
Chondro-osteoma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Chondropathia tuberosa M94.0
Chondrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Chordee (nonvenereal) N48.89
Chorditis (fibrinous) (nodosa) (tuberosa) J38.2
Chordoma - see Neoplasm, vertebral (column), malignant
Chorea (chronic) (gravis) (posthemiplegic) (senile) (spasmodic) G25.5
Choreoathetosis (paroxysmal) G25.5
Chorioadenoma (destruens) D39.2
Chorioamnionitis O41.12-
Chorioangioma D26.7
Choriocarcinoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Chorioencephalitis (acute) (lymphocytic) (serous) A87.2
Chorioepithelioma - see Choriocarcinoma
Choriomeningitis (acute) (lymphocytic) (serous) A87.2
Chorionepithelioma - see Choriocarcinoma
Chorioretinitis - see also Inflammation, chorioretinal
Chorioretinopathy, central serous H35.71-
Choroid - see condition
Choroideremia H31.21
Choroiditis - see Chorioretinitis
Choroidopathy - see Disorder, choroid
Choroidoretinitis - see Chorioretinitis
Choroidoretinopathy, central serous - see Chorioretinopathy, central serous
Christian-Weber disease M35.6
Christmas disease D67
Chromaffinoma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Chromatopsia - see Deficiency, color vision
Chromhidrosis, chromidrosis L75.1
Chromoblastomycosis - see Chromomycosis
Chromoconversion R82.91
Chromomycosis B43.9
Chromophytosis B36.0
Chromosome - see condition by chromosome involved
Chromotrichomycosis B36.8
Chronic - see condition
Churg-Strauss syndrome M30.1
Chyle cyst, mesentery I89.8
Chylocele (nonfilarial) I89.8
Chylomicronemia (fasting) (with hyperprebetalipoproteinemia) E78.3
Chylopericardium I31.3
Chylothorax (nonfilarial) I89.8
Chylous - see condition
Chyluria (nonfilarial) R82.0
Cicatricial (deformity) - see Cicatrix
Cicatrix (adherent) (contracted) (painful) (vicious) L90.5 - see also Scar
CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy ) G61.81
CIN - see Neoplasia, intraepithelial, cervix
Cinchonism - see Deafness, ototoxic
Circle of Willis - see condition
Circular - see condition
Circulating anticoagulants D68.318 - see also - Disorder, hemorrhagic
Circulatory system - see condition
Circulus senilis (cornea) - see Degeneration, cornea, senile
Circumcision (in absence of medical indication) (ritual) (routine) Z41.2
Circumscribed - see condition
Circumvallate placenta O43.11-
Cirrhosis, cirrhotic (hepatic) (liver) K74.60
Cistern, subarachnoid R93.0
Citrullinemia E72.23
Citrullinuria E72.23
Civatte's disease or poikiloderma L57.3
Clam digger's itch B65.3
Clammy skin R23.1
Clap - see Gonorrhea
Clarke-Hadfield syndrome (pancreatic infantilism) K86.8
Clark's paralysis G80.9
Clastothrix L67.8
Claude Bernard-Horner syndrome G90.2
Claude's disease or syndrome G46.3
Claudication, intermittent I73.9
Claudicatio venosa intermittens I87.8
Claustrophobia F40.240
Clavus (infected) L84
Clawfoot (congenital) Q66.89
Clawhand (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, clawhand
Clawtoe (congenital) Q66.89
Clay eating - see Pica
Cleansing of artificial opening - see Attention to, artificial, opening
Cleft (congenital) - see also Imperfect, closure
Cleidocranial dysostosis Q74.0
Cleptomania F63.2
Clicking hip (newborn) R29.4
Climacteric (female) - see also Menopause
Clinical research investigation (clinical trial) (control subject) (normal comparison) (participant) Z00.6
Clitoris - see condition
Cloaca (persistent) Q43.7
Clonorchiasis, clonorchis infection (liver) B66.1
Clonus R25.8
Closed bite M26.29
Clostridium (C.) perfringens, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.7
Clot (blood) - see also Embolism
Clouded state R40.1
Cloudy antrum, antra J32.0
Clouston's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia Q82.4
Clubbed nail pachydermoperiostosis M89.40
Clubbing of finger (s) (nails) R68.3
Clubfinger R68.3
Clubfoot (congenital) Q66.89
Clubhand (congenital) (radial) Q71.4-
Clubnail R68.3
Clump, kidney Q63.1
Clumsiness, clumsy child syndrome F82
Cluttering F80.81
Clutton's joints A50.51
Coagulation, intravascular (diffuse) (disseminated) - see also Defibrination syndrome
Coagulopathy - see also Defect, coagulation
Coalworker's lung or pneumoconiosis J60
Coated tongue K14.3
Coats' disease (exudative retinopathy) - see Retinopathy, exudative
Cocainism - see Dependence, drug, cocaine
Coccidioidomycosis B38.9
Coccidioidosis - see Coccidioidomycosis
Coccidiosis (intestinal) A07.3
Coccydynia, coccygodynia M53.3
Coccyx - see condition
Cochin-China diarrhea K90.1
Cockayne's syndrome Q87.1
Cocked up toe - see Deformity, toe, specified NEC
Cock's peculiar tumor L72.3
Codman's tumor - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Coenurosis B71.8
Coffee-worker's lung J67.8
Cogan's syndrome H16.32-
Coitus, painful (female) N94.1
Cold J00
Coldsore B00.1
Colibacillosis A49.8
Colic (bilious) (infantile) (intestinal) (recurrent) (spasmodic) R10.83
Colicystitis - see Cystitis
Colitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (noninfective) (hemorrhagic) K52.9 - see also Enteritis
Collagenosis, collagen disease (nonvascular) (vascular) M35.9
Collapse R55
Collateral - see also condition
Colles' fracture S52.53-
Collet (-Sicard) syndrome G52.7
Collier's asthma or lung J60
Collodion baby Q80.2
Colloid nodule (of thyroid) (cystic) E04.1
Coloboma (iris) Q13.0
Coloenteritis - see Enteritis
Colon - see condition
Coloptosis K63.4
Color blindness - see Deficiency, color vision
Colpitis (acute) - see Vaginitis
Colpocele N81.5
Colpocystitis - see Vaginitis
Colpospasm N94.2
Column, spinal, vertebral - see condition
Coma R40.20
Comatose - see Coma
Combat fatigue F43.0
Combined - see condition
Comedo, comedones (giant) L70.0
Comedocarcinoma - see also Neoplasm, breast, malignant
Comedomastitis - see Ectasia, mammary duct
Comminuted fracture - code as Fracture, closed
Commotio, commotion (current)
Compartment syndrome (deep) (posterior) (traumatic) T79.A0
Complaint - see also Disease
Complete - see condition
Complication (s) (from) (of)
Compressed air disease T70.3
Compulsion, compulsive
Concato's disease (pericardial polyserositis) A19.9
Concavity chest wall M95.4
Concealed penis Q55.69
Concern (normal) about sick person in family Z63.6
Concrescence (teeth) K00.2
Concretio cordis I31.1
Concretion - see also Calculus
Concussion (brain) (cerebral) (current) S06.0X-
Condition - see Disease
Conditions arising in the perinatal period - see Newborn, affected by
Conduct disorder - see Disorder, conduct
Condyloma A63.0
Conflagration - see also Burn
Conflict (with) - see also Discord
Confluent - see condition
Confusion, confused R41.0
Confusional arousals G47.51
Congelation T69.9
Congenital - see also condition
Congestion, congestive
Congestive - see Congestion
Conjoined twins Q89.4
Conjugal maladjustment Z63.0
Conjunctiva - see condition
Conjunctivitis (staphylococcal) (streptococcal) NOS H10.9
Conjunctivochalasis H11.82-
Connective tissue - see condition
Conn's syndrome E26.01
Conradi (-Hunermann) disease Q77.3
Consanguinity Z84.3
Conscious simulation (of illness) Z76.5
Consecutive - see condition
Consolidation lung (base) - see Pneumonia, lobar
Constipation (atonic) (neurogenic) (simple) (spastic) K59.00
Constitutional - see also condition
Constitutionally substandard F60.7
Constriction - see also Stricture
Constrictive - see condition
Consumption - see Tuberculosis
Contact (with) - see also Exposure (to)
Contamination, food - see Intoxication, foodborne
Contraception, contraceptive
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted
Contusion (skin surface intact) T14.8
Conus (congenital) (any type) Q14.8
Conversion hysteria, neurosis or reaction F44.9
Converter, tuberculosis (test reaction) R76.11
Conviction (legal), anxiety concerning Z65.0
Convulsions (idiopathic) R56.9 - see also Seizure(s)
Convulsive - see also Convulsions
Cooley's anemia D56.1
Coolie itch B76.9
Copra itch B88.0
Coprophagy F50.8
Coprophobia F40.298
Coproporphyria, hereditary E80.29
Corbus' disease (gangrenous balanitis) N48.1
Cord - see also condition
Cordis ectopia Q24.8
Corditis (spermatic) N49.1
Corectopia Q13.2
Cori's disease (glycogen storage) E74.03
Corkhandler's disease or lung J67.3
Corkscrew esophagus K22.4
Corkworker's disease or lung J67.3
Corn (infected) L84
Cornea - see also condition
Cornelia de Lange syndrome Q87.1
Cornu cutaneum L85.8
Cornual gestation or pregnancy O00.8
Coronary (artery) - see condition
Coronavirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.29
Corpora - see also condition
Corpulence - see Obesity
Corpus - see condition
Corrected transposition Q20.5
Corrosion (injury) (acid) (caustic) (chemical) (lime) (external) (internal) T30.4
Corrosive burn - see Corrosion
Corsican fever - see Malaria
Cortical - see condition
Cortico-adrenal - see condition
Coryza (acute) J00
Costen's syndrome or complex M26.69
Costiveness - see Constipation
Costochondritis M94.0
Cotard's syndrome F22
Cot death R99
Cotia virus B08.8
Cotton wool spots (retinal) H35.81
Cotungo's disease - see Sciatica
Cough (affected) (chronic) (epidemic) (nervous) R05
Counseling (for) Z71.9
Coupled rhythm R00.8
Couvelaire syndrome or uterus (complicating delivery) O45.8X-
Cowperitis - see Urethritis
Cowper's gland - see condition
Cowpox B08.010
Coxalgia, coxalgic (nontuberculous) - see also Pain, joint, hip
Coxitis - see Monoarthritis, hip
Coxsackie (virus) (infection) B34.1
Crabs, meaning pubic lice B85.3
Crack baby P04.41
Cracked nipple N64.0
Cracked tooth K03.81
Cradle cap L21.0
Craft neurosis F48.8
Cramp (s) R25.2
Cranial - see condition
Craniocleidodysostosis Q74.0
Craniofenestria (skull) Q75.8
Craniolacunia (skull) Q75.8
Craniopagus Q89.4
Craniopathy, metabolic M85.2
Craniopharyngeal - see condition
Craniopharyngioma D44.4
Craniorachischisis (totalis) Q00.1
Cranioschisis Q75.8
Craniostenosis Q75.0
Craniosynostosis Q75.0
Craniotabes (cause unknown) M83.8
Cranium - see condition
Craw-craw - see Onchocerciasis
Creaking joint - see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC
Crenated tongue K14.8
Creotoxism A05.9
Crescent or conus choroid, congenital Q14.3
CREST syndrome M34.1
Cretin, cretinism (congenital) (endemic) (nongoitrous) (sporadic) E00.9
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome (with dementia) A81.00
Crib death R99
Cribriform hymen Q52.3
Cri-du-chat syndrome Q93.4
Crigler-Najjar disease or syndrome E80.5
Crime, victim of Z65.4
Crimean hemorrhagic fever A98.0
Criminalism F60.2
Crocq's disease (acrocyanosis) I73.89
Crohn's disease - see Enteritis, regional
Crooked septum, nasal J34.2
Cross syndrome E70.328
Crossbite (anterior) (posterior) M26.24
Cross-eye - see Strabismus, convergent concomitant
Croup, croupous (catarrhal) (infectious) (inflammatory) (nondiphtheritic) J05.0
Crouzon's disease Q75.1
Crowding, tooth, teeth, fully erupted M26.31
CRST syndrome M34.1
Cruchet's disease A85.8
Cruelty in children - see also Disorder, conduct
Crural ulcer - see Ulcer, lower limb
Crush, crushed, crushing T14.8
Crusta lactea L21.0
Crusts R23.4
Crutch paralysis - see Injury, brachial plexus
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten cirrhosis, disease or syndrome K74.69
Cruveilhier's atrophy or disease G12.8
Crying (constant) (continuous) (excessive)
Cryofibrinogenemia D89.2
Cryoglobulinemia (essential) (idiopathic) (mixed) (primary) (purpura) (secondary) (vasculitis) D89.1
Cryptitis (anal) (rectal) K62.89
Cryptococcosis, cryptococcus (infection) (neoformans) B45.9
Cryptopapillitis (anus) K62.89
Cryptophthalmos Q11.2
Cryptorchid, cryptorchism, cryptorchidism Q53.9
Cryptosporidiosis A07.2
Cryptostromosis J67.6
Crystalluria R82.99
Cultural deprivation or shock Z60.3
Curling esophagus K22.4
Curling's ulcer - see Ulcer, peptic, acute
Curschmann (-Batten) (-Steinert) disease or syndrome G71.11
Curse, Ondine's - see Apnea, sleep
Cushingoid due to steroid therapy E24.2
Cusp, Carabelli - omit code
Cut (external) - see also Laceration
Cutaneous - see also condition
Cutis - see also condition
Cyanosis R23.0
Cyanotic heart disease I24.9
Cyclencephaly Q04.9
Cyclical vomiting G43.A0 - see also Vomiting, cyclical
Cyclitis H20.9 - see also Iridocyclitis
Cycloid personality F34.0
Cyclophoria H50.54
Cyclopia, cyclops Q87.0
Cyclopism Q87.0
Cyclosporiasis A07.4
Cyclothymia F34.0
Cyclothymic personality F34.0
Cyclotropia H50.41-
Cylindroma - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Cylindruria R82.99
Cynophobia F40.218
Cynorexia R63.2
Cyphosis - see Kyphosis
Cyprus fever - see Brucellosis
Cyst (colloid) (mucous) (simple) (retention)
Cystadenocarcinoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Cystadenoma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Cystathionine synthase deficiency E72.11
Cystathioninemia E72.19
Cystathioninuria E72.19
Cystic - see also condition
Cysticercosis, cysticerciasis B69.9
Cysticercus cellulose infestation - see Cysticercosis
Cystinosis (malignant) E72.04
Cystinuria E72.01
Cystitis (exudative) (hemorrhagic) (septic) (suppurative) N30.90
Cystocele (-urethrocele)
Cystolithiasis N21.0
Cystoma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Cystoplegia N31.2
Cystoptosis N32.89
Cystopyelitis - see Pyelonephritis
Cystorrhagia N32.89
Cystosarcoma phyllodes D48.6-
Cystourethritis - see Urethritis
Cystourethrocele - see also Cystocele
Cytomegalic inclusion disease
Cytomegalovirus infection B25.9
Cytomycosis (reticuloendothelial) B39.4
Cytopenia D75.9
Czerny's disease (periodic hydrarthrosis of the knee) - see Effusion, joint, knee
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