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Newborn ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 32 terms under the parent term 'Newborn' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: Z38.2

acne L70.4
abstinence syndrome P96.1
affected by (suspected to be)
abnormalities of membranes P02.9
specified NEC P02.8
abruptio placenta P02.1
amino-acid metabolic disorder, transitory P74.8
amniocentesis (while in utero) P00.6
amnionitis P02.7
apparent life threatening event (ALTE) R68.13
bleeding (into)
cerebral cortex P52.22
germinal matrix P52.0
ventricles P52.1
breech delivery P03.0
cardiac arrest P29.81
cardiomyopathy I42.8
congenital I42.4
cerebral ischemia P91.0
Cesarean delivery P03.4
chemotherapy agents P04.1
chorioamnionitis P02.7
cocaine (crack) P04.41
complications of labor and delivery P03.9
specified NEC P03.89
compression of umbilical cord NEC P02.5
contracted pelvis P03.1
delivery P03.9
Cesarean P03.4
forceps P03.2
vacuum extractor P03.3
environmental chemicals P04.6
entanglement (knot) in umbilical cord P02.5
fetal (intrauterine)
growth retardation P05.9
malnutrition not light or small for gestational age P05.2
forceps delivery P03.2
heart rate abnormalities
bradycardia P29.12
intrauterine P03.819
before onset of labor P03.810
during labor P03.811
tachycardia P29.11
hemorrhage (antepartum) P02.1
cerebellar (nontraumatic) P52.6
intracerebral (nontraumatic) P52.4
intracranial (nontraumatic) P52.9
specified NEC P52.8
intraventricular (nontraumatic) P52.3
grade 1 P52.0
grade 2 P52.1
grade 3 P52.21
grade 4 P52.22
posterior fossa (nontraumatic) P52.6
subarachnoid (nontraumatic) P52.5
subependymal P52.0
with intracerebral extension P52.22
with intraventricular extension P52.1
with enlargment of ventricles P52.21
without intraventricular extension P52.0
hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy [HIE] P91.60
mild P91.61
moderate P91.62
severe P91.63
induction of labor P03.89
intestinal perforation P78.0
intrauterine (fetal) blood loss P50.9
due to (from)
cut end of co-twin cord P50.5
hemorrhage into
co-twin P50.3
maternal circulation P50.4
placenta P50.2
ruptured cord blood P50.1
vasa previa P50.0
specified NEC P50.8
intrauterine (fetal) hemorrhage P50.9
intrauterine (in utero) procedure P96.5
malpresentation (malposition) NEC P03.1
maternal (complication of) (use of)
alcohol P04.3
analgesia (maternal) P04.0
anesthesia (maternal) P04.0
blood loss P02.1
circulatory disease P00.3
condition P00.9
specified NEC P00.89
delivery P03.9
Cesarean P03.4
forceps P03.2
vacuum extractor P03.3
diabetes mellitus (pre-existing) P70.1
disorder P00.9
specified NEC P00.89
drugs (addictive) (illegal) NEC P04.49
ectopic pregnancy P01.4
gestational diabetes P70.0
hemorrhage P02.1
hypertensive disorder P00.0
incompetent cervix P01.0
infectious disease P00.2
injury P00.5
labor and delivery P03.9
malpresentation before labor P01.7
maternal death P01.6
medical procedure P00.7
medication P04.1
multiple pregnancy P01.5
nutritional disorder P00.4
oligohydramnios P01.2
parasitic disease P00.2
periodontal disease P00.81
placenta previa P02.0
polyhydramnios P01.3
precipitate delivery P03.5
pregnancy P01.9
specified P01.8
premature rupture of membranes P01.1
renal disease P00.1
respiratory disease P00.3
surgical procedure P00.6
urinary tract disease P00.1
uterine contraction (abnormal) P03.6
meconium peritonitis P78.0
medication (legal) (maternal use) (prescribed) P04.1
membrane abnormalities P02.9
specified NEC P02.8
membranitis P02.7
methamphetamine (s) P04.49
mixed metabolic and respiratory acidosis P84
neonatal abstinence syndrome P96.1
noxious substances transmitted via placenta or breast milk P04.9
specified NEC P04.8
nutritional supplements P04.5
placenta previa P02.0
abnormality (functional) (morphological) P02.20
specified NEC P02.29
dysfunction P02.29
infarction P02.29
insufficiency P02.29
separation NEC P02.1
transfusion syndromes P02.3
placentitis P02.7
precipitate delivery P03.5
prolapsed cord P02.4
respiratory arrest P28.81
slow intrauterine growth P05.9
tobacco P04.2
twin to twin transplacental transfusion P02.3
umbilical cord (tightly) around neck P02.5
umbilical cord condition P02.60
short cord P02.69
specified NEC P02.69
uterine contractions (abnormal) P03.6
vasa previa P02.69
from intrauterine blood loss P50.0
apnea P28.3
primary P28.3
obstructive P28.4
specified P28.4
born in hospital Z38.00
by cesarean Z38.01
born outside hospital Z38.1
breast buds P96.89
breast engorgement P83.4
check-up - see Newborn, examination
convulsion P90
dehydration P74.1
8 to 28 days old Z00.111
under 8 days old Z00.110
fever P81.9
environmentally-induced P81.0
hyperbilirubinemia P59.9
of prematurity P59.0
hypernatremia P74.2
hyponatremia P74.2
infection P39.9
candidal P37.5
specified NEC P39.8
urinary tract P39.3
jaundice P59.8
due to
breast milk inhibitor P59.3
hepatocellular damage P59.20
specified NEC P59.29
preterm delivery P59.0
of prematurity P59.0
specified NEC P59.8
late metabolic acidosis P74.0
mastitis P39.0
infective P39.0
noninfective P83.4
multiple born NEC Z38.8
born in hospital Z38.68
by cesarean Z38.69
born outside hospital Z38.7
omphalitis P38.9
with mild hemorrhage P38.1
without hemorrhage P38.9
post-term P08.21
prolonged gestation (over 42 completed weeks) P08.22
quadruplet Z38.8
born in hospital Z38.63
by cesarean Z38.64
born outside hospital Z38.7
quintuplet Z38.8
born in hospital Z38.65
by cesarean Z38.66
born outside hospital Z38.7
seizure P90
sepsis (congenital) P36.9
due to
anaerobes NEC P36.5
Escherichia coli P36.4
Staphylococcus P36.30
aureus P36.2
specified NEC P36.39
Streptococcus P36.10
group B P36.0
specified NEC P36.19
specified NEC P36.8
triplet Z38.8
born in hospital Z38.61
by cesarean Z38.62
born outside hospital Z38.7
twin Z38.5
born in hospital Z38.30
by cesarean Z38.31
born outside hospital Z38.4
vomiting P92.09
bilious P92.01
weight check Z00.111
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