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Furuncle ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 61 terms under the parent term 'Furuncle' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: L02.92

abdominal wall L02.221
ankle - see Furuncle, lower limb
anus K61.0
antecubital space - see Furuncle, upper limb
arm - see Furuncle, upper limb
auditory canal, external - see Abscess, ear, external
auricle (ear) - see Abscess, ear, external
axilla (region) L02.42-
back (any part) L02.222
breast N61
buttock L02.32
cheek (external) L02.02
chest wall L02.223
chin L02.02
corpus cavernosum N48.21
ear, external - see Abscess, ear, external
external auditory canal - see Abscess, ear, external
eyelid - see Abscess, eyelid
face L02.02
femoral (region) - see Furuncle, lower limb
finger - see Furuncle, hand
flank L02.221
foot L02.62-
forehead L02.02
gluteal (region) L02.32
groin L02.224
hand L02.52-
head L02.821
face L02.02
hip - see Furuncle, lower limb
kidney - see Abscess, kidney
knee - see Furuncle, lower limb
labium (majus) (minus) N76.4
gland - see Dacryoadenitis
passages (duct) (sac) - see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, acute
leg (any part) - see Furuncle, lower limb
lower limb L02.42-
malignant A22.0
mouth K12.2
navel L02.226
neck L02.12
nose J34.0
orbit, orbital - see Abscess, orbit
palmar (space) - see Furuncle, hand
partes posteriores L02.32
pectoral region L02.223
penis N48.21
perineum L02.225
pinna - see Abscess, ear, external
popliteal - see Furuncle, lower limb
prepatellar - see Furuncle, lower limb
scalp L02.821
seminal vesicle N49.0
shoulder - see Furuncle, upper limb
specified site NEC L02.828
submandibular K12.2
temple (region) L02.02
thumb - see Furuncle, hand
toe - see Furuncle, foot
trunk L02.229
abdominal wall L02.221
back L02.222
chest wall L02.223
groin L02.224
perineum L02.225
umbilicus L02.226
umbilicus L02.226
upper limb L02.42-
vulva N76.4
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