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Contusion ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 170 terms under the parent term 'Contusion' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: T14.8

abdomen, abdominal (muscle) (wall) S30.1
adnexa, eye NEC S05.8X-
adrenal gland S37.812
alveolar process S00.532
ankle S90.0-
antecubital space - see Contusion, forearm
anus S30.3
arm (upper) S40.02-
lower (with elbow) - see Contusion, forearm
auditory canal - see Contusion, ear
auricle - see Contusion, ear
axilla - see Contusion, arm, upper
back - see also Contusion, thorax, back
lower S30.0
bile duct S36.13
bladder S37.22
bone NEC T14.8
brain (diffuse) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
brainstem S06.38-
breast S20.0-
broad ligament S37.892
brow S00.83
buttock S30.0
canthus, eye S00.1-
cauda equina S34.3
cerebellar, traumatic S06.37-
cerebral S06.33-
left side S06.32-
right side S06.31-
cheek S00.83
internal S00.532
chest (wall) - see Contusion, thorax
chin S00.83
clitoris S30.23
colon - see Injury, intestine, large, contusion
common bile duct S36.13
conjunctiva S05.1-
with foreign body (in conjunctival sac) - see Foreign body, conjunctival sac
conus medullaris (spine) S34.139
cornea - see Contusion, eyeball
with foreign body - see Foreign body, cornea
corpus cavernosum S30.21
cortex (brain) (cerebral) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
costal region - see Contusion, thorax
cystic duct S36.13
diaphragm S27.802
duodenum S36.420
ear S00.43-
elbow S50.0-
with forearm - see Contusion, forearm
epididymis S30.22
epigastric region S30.1
epiglottis S10.0
esophagus (thoracic) S27.812
cervical S10.0
eyeball S05.1-
eyebrow S00.1-
eyelid (and periocular area) S00.1-
face NEC S00.83
fallopian tube S37.529
bilateral S37.522
unilateral S37.521
femoral triangle S30.1
finger (s) S60.00
with damage to nail (matrix) S60.10
index S60.02-
with damage to nail S60.12-
little S60.05-
with damage to nail S60.15-
middle S60.03-
with damage to nail S60.13-
ring S60.04-
with damage to nail S60.14-
thumb - see Contusion, thumb
flank S30.1
foot (except toe(s) alone) S90.3-
toe - see Contusion, toe
forearm S50.1-
elbow only - see Contusion, elbow
forehead S00.83
gallbladder S36.122
genital organs, external
female S30.202
male S30.201
globe (eye) - see Contusion, eyeball
groin S30.1
gum S00.532
hand S60.22-
finger (s) - see Contusion, finger
wrist - see Contusion, wrist
head S00.93
ear - see Contusion, ear
eyelid - see Contusion, eyelid
lip S00.531
nose S00.33
oral cavity S00.532
scalp S00.03
specified part NEC S00.83
heel - see Contusion, foot
hepatic duct S36.13
hip S70.0-
ileum S36.428
iliac region S30.1
inguinal region S30.1
interscapular region S20.229
intra-abdominal organ S36.92
colon - see Injury, intestine, large, contusion
liver S36.112
pancreas - see Contusion, pancreas
rectum S36.62
small intestine - see Injury, intestine, small, contusion
specified organ NEC S36.892
spleen - see Contusion, spleen
stomach S36.32
iris (eye) - see Contusion, eyeball
jaw S00.83
jejunum S36.428
kidney S37.01-
major (greater than 2 cm) S37.02-
minor (less than 2 cm) S37.01-
knee S80.0-
labium (majus) (minus) S30.23
lacrimal apparatus, gland or sac S05.8X-
larynx S10.0
leg (lower) S80.1-
knee - see Contusion, knee
lens - see Contusion, eyeball
lip S00.531
liver S36.112
lower back S30.0
lumbar region S30.0
lung S27.329
bilateral S27.322
unilateral S27.321
malar region S00.83
mastoid region S00.83
membrane, brain - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
mesentery S36.892
mesosalpinx S37.892
mouth S00.532
muscle - see Contusion, by site
finger - see Contusion, finger, with damage to nail
toe - see Contusion, toe, with damage to nail
nasal S00.33
neck S10.93
specified site NEC S10.83
throat S10.0
nerve - see Injury, nerve
newborn P54.5
nose S00.33
lobe (brain) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
region (scalp) S00.03
orbit (region) (tissues) S05.1-
ovary S37.429
bilateral S37.422
unilateral S37.421
palate S00.532
pancreas S36.229
body S36.221
head S36.220
tail S36.222
lobe (brain) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
region (scalp) S00.03
pelvic organ S37.92
adrenal gland S37.812
bladder S37.22
fallopian tube - see Contusion, fallopian tube
kidney - see Contusion, kidney
ovary - see Contusion, ovary
prostate S37.822
specified organ NEC S37.892
ureter S37.12
urethra S37.32
uterus S37.62
pelvis S30.0
penis S30.21
female S30.23
male S30.0
periocular area S00.1-
peritoneum S36.81
periurethral tissue - see Contusion, urethra
pharynx S10.0
pinna - see Contusion, ear
popliteal space - see Contusion, knee
prepuce S30.21
prostate S37.822
pubic region S30.1
female S30.202
male S30.201
quadriceps femoris - see Contusion, thigh
rectum S36.62
retroperitoneum S36.892
round ligament S37.892
sacral region S30.0
scalp S00.03
due to birth injury P12.3
scapular region - see Contusion, shoulder
sclera - see Contusion, eyeball
scrotum S30.22
seminal vesicle S37.892
shoulder S40.01-
skin NEC T14.8
small intestine - see Injury, intestine, small, contusion
spermatic cord S30.22
spinal cord - see Injury, spinal cord, by region
cauda equina S34.3
conus medullaris S34.139
spleen S36.029
major S36.021
minor S36.020
sternal region S20.219
stomach S36.32
subconjunctival S05.1-
subcutaneous NEC T14.8
submaxillary region S00.83
submental region S00.83
subperiosteal NEC T14.8
finger - see Contusion, finger, with damage to nail
toe - see Contusion, toe, with damage to nail
supraclavicular fossa S10.83
supraorbital S00.83
suprarenal gland S37.812
temple (region) S00.83
lobe (brain) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
region S00.83
testis S30.22
thigh S70.1-
thorax (wall) S20.20
back S20.22-
front S20.21-
throat S10.0
thumb S60.01-
with damage to nail S60.11-
toe (s) (lesser) S90.12-
with damage to nail S90.22-
great S90.11-
with damage to nail S90.21-
specified type NEC S90.221
tongue S00.532
trachea (cervical) S10.0
thoracic S27.52
tunica vaginalis S30.22
tympanum, tympanic membrane - see Contusion, ear
ureter S37.12
urethra S37.32
urinary organ NEC S37.892
uterus S37.62
uvula S00.532
vagina S30.23
vas deferens S37.892
vesical S37.22
vocal cord (s) S10.0
vulva S30.23
wrist S60.21-
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