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Use ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 17 terms under the parent term 'Use' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


alcohol F10.99
with sleep disorder F10.982
harmful - see Abuse, alcohol
amphetamines - see Use, stimulant NEC
caffeine - see Use, stimulant NEC
cannabis F12.90
anxiety disorder F12.980
intoxication F12.929
delirium F12.921
perceptual disturbance F12.922
uncomplicated F12.920
other specified disorder F12.988
psychosis F12.959
delusions F12.950
hallucinations F12.951
unspecified disorder F12.99
cocaine F14.90
anxiety disorder F14.980
intoxication F14.929
delirium F14.921
perceptual disturbance F14.922
uncomplicated F14.920
other specified disorder F14.988
psychosis F14.959
delusions F14.950
hallucinations F14.951
sexual dysfunction F14.981
sleep disorder F14.982
unspecified disorder F14.99
harmful - see Abuse, drug, cocaine
drug (s) NEC F19.90
with sleep disorder F19.982
harmful - see Abuse, drug, by type
hallucinogen NEC F16.90
anxiety disorder F16.980
intoxication F16.929
delirium F16.921
uncomplicated F16.920
mood disorder F16.94
other specified disorder F16.988
perception disorder (flashbacks) F16.983
psychosis F16.959
delusions F16.950
hallucinations F16.951
unspecified disorder F16.99
harmful - see Abuse, drug, hallucinogen NEC
inhalants F18.90
anxiety disorder F18.980
intoxication F18.929
with delirium F18.921
uncomplicated F18.920
mood disorder F18.94
other specified disorder F18.988
persisting dementia F18.97
psychosis F18.959
delusions F18.950
hallucinations F18.951
unspecified disorder F18.99
harmful - see Abuse, drug, inhalant
methadone F11.20
nonprescribed drugs F19.90
harmful - see Abuse, non-psychoactive substance
opioid F11.90
disorder F11.99
mood F11.94
sleep F11.982
specified type NEC F11.988
intoxication F11.929
delirium F11.921
perceptual disturbance F11.922
uncomplicated F11.920
withdrawal F11.93
harmful - see Abuse, drug, opioid
patent medicines F19.90
harmful - see Abuse, non-psychoactive substance
psychoactive drug NEC F19.90
anxiety disorder F19.980
intoxication F19.929
delirium F19.921
perceptual disturbance F19.922
uncomplicated F19.920
mood disorder F19.94
other specified disorder F19.988
amnestic disorder F19.96
dementia F19.97
psychosis F19.959
delusions F19.950
hallucinations F19.951
sexual dysfunction F19.981
sleep disorder F19.982
unspecified disorder F19.99
withdrawal F19.939
delirium F19.931
perceptual disturbance F19.932
uncomplicated F19.930
harmful - see Abuse, drug NEC, psychoactive NEC
sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic F13.90
anxiety disorder F13.980
intoxication F13.929
delirium F13.921
uncomplicated F13.920
other specified disorder F13.988
amnestic disorder F13.96
dementia F13.97
psychosis F13.959
delusions F13.950
hallucinations F13.951
sexual dysfunction F13.981
sleep disorder F13.982
unspecified disorder F13.99
harmful - see Abuse, drug, sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic
stimulant NEC F15.90
anxiety disorder F15.980
intoxication F15.929
delirium F15.921
perceptual disturbance F15.922
uncomplicated F15.920
mood disorder F15.94
other specified disorder F15.988
psychosis F15.959
delusions F15.950
hallucinations F15.951
sexual dysfunction F15.981
sleep disorder F15.982
unspecified disorder F15.99
withdrawal F15.93
harmful - see Abuse, drug, stimulant NEC
volatile solvents F18.90 - see also Use, inhalant
harmful - see Abuse, drug, inhalant
tobacco Z72.0
with dependence - see Dependence, drug, nicotine
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