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Colitis ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 41 terms under the parent term 'Colitis' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Colitis - see also Enteritis

See Code: K52.9

allergic K52.2
amebic (acute) A06.0 - see also Amebiasis
nondysenteric A06.2
anthrax A22.2
bacillary - see Infection, Shigella
balantidial A07.0
Clostridium difficile A04.7
coccidial A07.3
collagenous K52.89
cystica superficialis K52.89
dietary counseling and surveillance (for) Z71.3
dietetic K52.2
drug-induced K52.1
due to radiation K52.0
eosinophilic K52.82
food hypersensitivity K52.2
giardial A07.1
granulomatous - see Enteritis, regional, large intestine
infectious - see Enteritis, infectious
ischemic K55.9
acute (fulminant) (subacute) K55.0
chronic K55.1
due to mesenteric artery insufficiency K55.1
fulminant (acute) K55.0
left sided K51.50
abscess K51.514
complication K51.519
specified NEC K51.518
fistula K51.513
obstruction K51.512
rectal bleeding K51.511
lymphocytic K52.89
psychogenic F54
microscopic (collagenous) (lymphocytic) K52.89
mucous - see Syndrome, irritable, bowel
psychogenic F54
noninfective K52.9
specified NEC K52.89
polyposa - see Polyp, colon, inflammatory
protozoal A07.9
pseudomembranous A04.7
pseudomucinous - see Syndrome, irritable, bowel
regional - see Enteritis, regional, large intestine
segmental - see Enteritis, regional, large intestine
septic - see Enteritis, infectious
spastic K58.9
with diarrhea K58.0
psychogenic F54
staphylococcal A04.8
foodborne A05.0
subacute ischemic K55.0
thromboulcerative K55.0
toxic NEC K52.1
due to Clostridium difficile A04.7
transmural - see Enteritis, regional, large intestine
trichomonal A07.8
tuberculous (ulcerative) A18.32
ulcerative (chronic) K51.90
complication K51.919
abscess K51.914
fistula K51.913
obstruction K51.912
rectal bleeding K51.911
specified complication NEC K51.918
enterocolitis - see Enterocolitis, ulcerative
ileocolitis - see Ileocolitis, ulcerative
mucosal proctocolitis - see Proctocolitis, mucosal
proctitis - see Proctitis, ulcerative
pseudopolyposis - see Polyp, colon, inflammatory
psychogenic F54
rectosigmoiditis - see Rectosigmoiditis, ulcerative
specified type NEC K51.80
complication K51.819
abscess K51.814
fistula K51.813
obstruction K51.812
rectal bleeding K51.811
specified complication NEC K51.818
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