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Leukemia ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 50 terms under the parent term 'Leukemia' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: C95.9

acute basophilic C94.8-
acute bilineal C95.0-
acute erythroid C94.0-
acute lymphoblastic C91.0-
acute megakaryoblastic C94.2-
acute megakaryocytic C94.2-
acute mixed lineage C95.0-
acute monoblastic (monoblastic/monocytic) C93.0-
acute monocytic (monoblastic/monocytic) C93.0-
acute myeloblastic (minimal differentiation) (with maturation) C92.0-
acute myeloid
11q23-abnormality C92.6-
dysplasia of remaining hematopoesis and/or myelodysplastic disease in its history C92.A-
multilineage dysplasia C92.A-
variation of MLL-gene C92.6-
M6 (a)(b) C94.0-
M7 C94.2-
acute myelomonocytic C92.5-
acute promyelocytic C92.4-
adult T-cell (HTLV-1-associated) (acute variant) (chronic variant) (lymphomatoid variant) (smouldering variant) C91.5-
aggressive NK-cell C94.8-
AML (1/ETO) (M0) (M1) (M2) (without a FAB classification) C92.0-
AML M3 C92.4-
AML M4 (Eo with inv(16) or t(16;16)) C92.5-
AML M5 C93.0-
AML M5a C93.0-
AML M5b C93.0-
AML Me with t (15;17) and variants C92.4-
atypical chronic myeloid, BCR/ABL-negative C92.2-
biphenotypic acute C95.0-
blast cell C95.0-
Burkitt-type, mature B-cell C91.A-
chronic lymphocytic, of B-cell type C91.1-
chronic monocytic C93.1-
chronic myelogenous (Philadelphia chromosome (Ph1) positive) (t(9;22)) (q34;q11) (with crisis of blast cells) C92.1-
chronic myeloid, BCR/ABL-positive C92.1-
atypical, BCR/ABL-negative C92.2-
chronic myelomonocytic C93.1-
chronic neutrophilic D47.1
CMML (-1) (-2) (with eosinophilia) C93.1-
granulocytic C92.9- - see also Category C92
hairy cell C91.4-
juvenile myelomonocytic C93.3-
lymphoid C91.9-
specified NEC C91.Z-
mast cell C94.3-
mature B-cell, Burkitt-type C91.A-
monocytic (subacute) C93.9-
specified NEC C93.Z-
myelogenous C92.9- - see also Category C92
myeloid C92.9-
specified NEC C92.Z-
plasma cell C90.1-
plasmacytic C90.1-
of B-cell type C91.3-
of T-cell type C91.6-
specified NEC C94.8-
stem cell, of unclear lineage C95.0-
subacute lymphocytic C91.9-
T-cell large granular lymphocytic C91.Z-
unspecified cell type C95.9-
acute C95.0-
chronic C95.1-
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