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Melanoma ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 17 terms under the parent term 'Melanoma' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: C43.9

acral lentiginous, malignant - see Melanoma, skin, by site
amelanotic - see Melanoma, skin, by site
balloon cell - see Melanoma, skin, by site
benign - see Nevus
desmoplastic, malignant - see Melanoma, skin, by site
epithelioid cell - see Melanoma, skin, by site
with spindle cell, mixed - see Melanoma, skin, by site
giant pigmented nevus - see Melanoma, skin, by site
Hutchinson's melanotic freckle - see Melanoma, skin, by site
junctional nevus - see Melanoma, skin, by site
precancerous melanosis - see Melanoma, skin, by site
in situ D03.9
abdominal wall D03.59
ala nasi D03.39
ankle D03.7-
anus, anal (margin) (skin) D03.51
arm D03.6-
auditory canal D03.2-
auricle (ear) D03.2-
auricular canal (external) D03.2-
axilla, axillary fold D03.59
back D03.59
breast D03.52
brow D03.39
buttock D03.59
canthus (eye) D03.1-
cheek (external) D03.39
chest wall D03.59
chin D03.39
choroid D03.8
conjunctiva D03.8
ear (external) D03.2-
external meatus (ear) D03.2-
eye D03.8
eyebrow D03.39
eyelid (lower) (upper) D03.1-
face D03.30
specified NEC D03.39
female genital organ (external) NEC D03.8
finger D03.6-
flank D03.59
foot D03.7-
forearm D03.6-
forehead D03.39
foreskin D03.8
gluteal region D03.59
groin D03.59
hand D03.6-
heel D03.7-
helix D03.2-
hip D03.7-
interscapular region D03.59
iris D03.8
jaw D03.39
knee D03.7-
labium (majus) (minus) D03.8
lacrimal gland D03.8
leg D03.7-
lip (lower) (upper) D03.0
lower limb NEC D03.7-
male genital organ (external) NEC D03.8
nail D03.9
finger D03.6-
toe D03.7-
neck D03.4
nose (external) D03.39
orbit D03.8
penis D03.8
perianal skin D03.51
perineum D03.51
pinna D03.2-
popliteal fossa or space D03.7-
prepuce D03.8
pudendum D03.8
retina D03.8
retrobulbar D03.8
scalp D03.4
scrotum D03.8
shoulder D03.6-
specified site NEC D03.8
submammary fold D03.52
temple D03.39
thigh D03.7-
toe D03.7-
trunk NEC D03.59
umbilicus D03.59
upper limb NEC D03.6-
vulva D03.8
juvenile - see Nevus
malignant, of soft parts except skin - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
breast C79.81
genital organ C79.82
specified site NEC C79.89
neurotropic, malignant - see Melanoma, skin, by site
nodular - see Melanoma, skin, by site
regressing, malignant - see Melanoma, skin, by site
skin C43.9
abdominal wall C43.59
ala nasi C43.31
ankle C43.7-
anus, anal (skin) C43.51
arm C43.6-
auditory canal (external) C43.2-
auricle (ear) C43.2-
auricular canal (external) C43.2-
axilla, axillary fold C43.59
back C43.59
breast (female) (male) C43.52
brow C43.39
buttock C43.59
canthus (eye) C43.1-
cheek (external) C43.39
chest wall C43.59
chin C43.39
ear (external) C43.2-
elbow C43.6-
external meatus (ear) C43.2-
eyebrow C43.39
eyelid (lower) (upper) C43.1-
face C43.30
specified NEC C43.39
female genital organ (external) NEC C51.9
finger C43.6-
flank C43.59
foot C43.7-
forearm C43.6-
forehead C43.39
foreskin C60.0
glabella C43.39
gluteal region C43.59
groin C43.59
hand C43.6-
heel C43.7-
helix C43.2-
hip C43.7-
interscapular region C43.59
jaw (external) C43.39
knee C43.7-
labium C51.9
majus C51.0
minus C51.1
leg C43.7-
lip (lower) (upper) C43.0
lower limb NEC C43.7-
male genital organ (external) NEC C63.9
finger C43.6-
toe C43.7-
nasolabial groove C43.39
nates C43.59
neck C43.4
nose (external) C43.31
overlapping site C43.8
palpebra C43.1-
penis C60.9
perianal skin C43.51
perineum C43.51
pinna C43.2-
popliteal fossa or space C43.7-
prepuce C60.0
pudendum C51.9
scalp C43.4
scrotum C63.2
shoulder C43.6-
skin NEC C43.9
submammary fold C43.52
temple C43.39
thigh C43.7-
toe C43.7-
trunk NEC C43.59
umbilicus C43.59
upper limb NEC C43.6-
vulva C51.9
overlapping sites C51.8
spindle cell
with epithelioid, mixed - see Melanoma, skin, by site
type A C69.4-
type B C69.4-
superficial spreading - see Melanoma, skin, by site
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