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Distortion ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 72 terms under the parent term 'Distortion' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


adrenal (gland) Q89.1
arm NEC Q68.8
bile duct or passage Q44.5
bladder Q64.79
brain Q04.9
cervix (uteri) Q51.9
chest (wall) Q67.8
bones Q76.8
clavicle Q74.0
clitoris Q52.6
coccyx Q76.49
common duct Q44.5
coronary Q24.5
cystic duct Q44.5
ear (auricle) (external) Q17.3
inner Q16.5
middle Q16.4
ossicles Q16.3
endocrine NEC Q89.2
eustachian tube Q17.8
eye (adnexa) Q15.8
face bone (s) NEC Q75.8
fallopian tube Q50.6
femur NEC Q68.8
fibula NEC Q68.8
finger (s) Q68.1
foot Q66.9
genitalia, genital organ (s)
female Q52.8
external Q52.79
internal NEC Q52.8
gyri Q04.8
hand bone (s) Q68.1
heart (auricle) (ventricle) Q24.8
valve (cusp) Q24.8
hepatic duct Q44.5
humerus NEC Q68.8
hymen Q52.4
intrafamilial communications Z63.8
jaw NEC M26.89
labium (majus) (minus) Q52.79
leg NEC Q68.8
lens Q12.8
liver Q44.7
lumbar spine Q76.49
with disproportion O33.8
causing obstructed labor O65.0
lumbosacral (joint) (region) Q76.49
kyphosis - see Kyphosis, congenital
lordosis - see Lordosis, congenital
nerve Q07.8
nose Q30.8
of Corti Q16.5
or site not listed - see Anomaly, by site
ossicles, ear Q16.3
oviduct Q50.6
pancreas Q45.3
parathyroid (gland) Q89.2
pituitary (gland) Q89.2
radius NEC Q68.8
sacroiliac joint Q74.2
sacrum Q76.49
scapula Q74.0
shoulder girdle Q74.0
skull bone (s) NEC Q75.8
anencephalus Q00.0
encephalocele - see Encephalocele
hydrocephalus Q03.9
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida, with hydrocephalus
microcephaly Q02
spinal cord Q06.8
spine Q76.49
kyphosis - see Kyphosis, congenital
lordosis - see Lordosis, congenital
spleen Q89.09
sternum NEC Q76.7
thorax (wall) Q67.8
bony Q76.8
thymus (gland) Q89.2
thyroid (gland) Q89.2
tibia NEC Q68.8
toe (s) Q66.9
tongue Q38.3
trachea (cartilage) Q32.1
ulna NEC Q68.8
ureter Q62.8
urethra Q64.79
causing obstruction Q64.39
uterus Q51.9
vagina Q52.4
vertebra Q76.49
kyphosis - see Kyphosis, congenital
lordosis - see Lordosis, congenital
visual - see also Disturbance, vision
shape and size H53.15
vulva Q52.79
wrist (bones) (joint) Q68.8
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