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History ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 2 terms under the parent term 'History' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


family (of) - see also History, personal (of)
alcohol abuse Z81.1
allergy NEC Z84.89
anemia Z83.2
arthritis Z82.61
asthma Z82.5
blindness Z82.1
cardiac death (sudden) Z82.41
carrier of genetic disease Z84.81
chromosomal anomaly Z82.79
disabling disease NEC Z82.8
lower respiratory disease Z82.5
colonic polyps Z83.71
congenital malformations and deformations Z82.79
polycystic kidney Z82.71
consanguinity Z84.3
deafness Z82.2
diabetes mellitus Z83.3
disability NEC Z82.8
disease or disorder (of)
allergic NEC Z84.89
behavioral NEC Z81.8
blood and blood-forming organs Z83.2
cardiovascular NEC Z82.49
chronic disabling NEC Z82.8
digestive Z83.79
ear NEC Z83.52
endocrine NEC Z83.49
eye NEC Z83.518
glaucoma Z83.511
genitourinary NEC Z84.2
glaucoma Z83.511
hematological Z83.2
immune mechanism Z83.2
infectious NEC Z83.1
ischemic heart Z82.49
kidney Z84.1
mental NEC Z81.8
metabolic Z83.49
musculoskeletal NEC Z82.69
neurological NEC Z82.0
nutritional Z83.49
parasitic NEC Z83.1
psychiatric NEC Z81.8
respiratory NEC Z83.6
skin and subcutaneous tissue NEC Z84.0
specified NEC Z84.89
drug abuse NEC Z81.3
epilepsy Z82.0
genetic disease carrier Z84.81
glaucoma Z83.511
hearing loss Z82.2
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection Z83.0
Huntington's chorea Z82.0
intellectual disability Z81.0
leukemia Z80.6
malignant neoplasm (of) NOS Z80.9
bladder Z80.52
breast Z80.3
bronchus Z80.1
digestive organ Z80.0
gastrointestinal tract Z80.0
genital organ Z80.49
ovary Z80.41
prostate Z80.42
specified organ NEC Z80.49
testis Z80.43
hematopoietic NEC Z80.7
intrathoracic organ NEC Z80.2
kidney Z80.51
lung Z80.1
lymphatic NEC Z80.7
ovary Z80.41
prostate Z80.42
respiratory organ NEC Z80.2
specified site NEC Z80.8
testis Z80.43
trachea Z80.1
urinary organ or tract Z80.59
bladder Z80.52
kidney Z80.51
disorder NEC Z81.8
multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndrome Z83.41
osteoporosis Z82.62
polycystic kidney Z82.71
polyps (colon) Z83.71
psychiatric disorder Z81.8
psychoactive substance abuse NEC Z81.3
respiratory condition NEC Z83.6
asthma and other lower respiratory conditions Z82.5
self-harmful behavior Z81.8
skin condition Z84.0
specified condition NEC Z84.89
stroke (cerebrovascular) Z82.3
substance abuse NEC Z81.4
alcohol Z81.1
drug NEC Z81.3
psychoactive NEC Z81.3
tobacco Z81.2
sudden cardiac death Z82.41
tobacco abuse Z81.2
violence, violent behavior Z81.8
visual loss Z82.1
personal (of) - see also History, family (of)
childhood Z62.819
physical Z62.810
psychological Z62.811
sexual Z62.810
adult Z91.419
physical and sexual Z91.410
psychological Z91.411
alcohol dependence F10.21
allergy (to) Z88.9
analgesic agent NEC Z88.6
anesthetic Z88.4
antibiotic agent NEC Z88.1
anti-infective agent NEC Z88.3
contrast media Z91.041
drugs, medicaments and biological substances Z88.9
specified NEC Z88.8
food Z91.018
additives Z91.02
eggs Z91.012
milk products Z91.011
peanuts Z91.010
seafood Z91.013
specified food NEC Z91.018
insect Z91.038
bee Z91.030
latex Z91.040
medicinal agents Z88.9
specified NEC Z88.8
narcotic agent NEC Z88.5
nonmedicinal agents Z91.048
penicillin Z88.0
serum Z88.7
specified NEC Z91.09
sulfonamides Z88.2
vaccine Z88.7
anaphylactic shock Z87.892
anaphylaxis Z87.892
behavioral disorders Z86.59
benign carcinoid tumor Z86.012
benign neoplasm Z86.018
carcinoid Z86.012
brain Z86.011
colonic polyps Z86.010
brain injury (traumatic) Z87.820
breast implant removal Z98.86
calculi, renal Z87.442
cancer - see History, personal (of), malignant neoplasm (of)
cardiac arrest (death), suscessfully resuscitated Z86.74
cerebral infarction without residual deficit Z86.73
cervical dysplasia Z87.410
chemotherapy for neoplastic condition Z92.21
childhood abuse - see History, personal (of), abuse
cleft lip (corrected) Z87.730
cleft palate (corrected) Z87.730
collapsed vertebra (healed) Z87.311
due to osteoporosis Z87.310
combat and operational stress reaction Z86.51
congenital malformation (corrected) Z87.798
circulatory system (corrected) Z87.74
digestive system (corrected) NEC Z87.738
ear (corrected) Z87.720
eye (corrected) Z87.721
face and neck (corrected) Z87.790
genitourinary system (corrected) NEC Z87.718
heart (corrected) Z87.74
integument (corrected) Z87.76
limb (s) (corrected) Z87.76
musculoskeletal system (corrected) Z87.76
neck (corrected) Z87.790
nervous system (corrected) NEC Z87.728
respiratory system (corrected) Z87.75
sense organs (corrected) NEC Z87.728
specified NEC Z87.798
contraception Z92.0
deployment (military) Z91.82
diabetic foot ulcer Z86.31
disease or disorder (of) Z87.898
blood and blood-forming organs Z86.2
circulatory system Z86.79
specified condition NEC Z86.79
connective tissue NEC Z87.39
digestive system Z87.19
colonic polyp Z86.010
peptic ulcer disease Z87.11
specified condition NEC Z87.19
ear Z86.69
endocrine Z86.39
diabetic foot ulcer Z86.31
gestational diabetes Z86.32
specified type NEC Z86.39
eye Z86.69
genital (track) system NEC
female Z87.42
male Z87.438
hematological Z86.2
Hodgkin Z85.71
immune mechanism Z86.2
infectious Z86.19
malaria Z86.13
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Z86.14
poliomyelitis Z86.12
specified NEC Z86.19
tuberculosis Z86.11
mental NEC Z86.59
metabolic Z86.39
diabetic foot ulcer Z86.31
gestational diabetes Z86.32
specified type NEC Z86.39
musculoskeletal NEC Z87.39
nervous system Z86.69
nutritional Z86.39
parasitic Z86.19
respiratory system NEC Z87.09
sense organs Z86.69
skin Z87.2
specified site or type NEC Z87.898
subcutaneous tissue Z87.2
trophoblastic Z87.59
urinary system NEC Z87.448
drug dependence - see Dependence, drug, by type, in remission
drug therapy
antineoplastic chemotherapy Z92.21
estrogen Z92.23
immunosupression Z92.25
inhaled steroids Z92.240
monoclonal drug Z92.22
specified NEC Z92.29
steroid Z92.241
systemic steroids Z92.241
cervical Z87.410
prostatic Z87.430
vaginal Z87.411
vulvar Z87.412
embolism (venous) Z86.718
pulmonary Z86.711
encephalitis Z86.61
estrogen therapy Z92.23
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) Z92.81
failed moderate sedation Z92.83
failed conscious sedation Z92.83
fall, falling Z91.81
fracture (healed)
fatigue Z87.312
fragility Z87.310
osteoporosis Z87.310
pathological NEC Z87.311
stress Z87.312
traumatic Z87.81
gestational diabetes Z86.32
B Z86.19
C Z86.19
Hodgkin disease Z85.71
hyperthermia, malignant Z88.4
hypospadias (corrected) Z87.710
hysterectomy Z90.710
immunosupression therapy Z92.25
in situ neoplasm
breast Z86.000
cervix uteri Z86.001
specified NEC Z86.008
infection NEC Z86.19
central nervous system Z86.61
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Z86.14
urinary (recurrent) (tract) Z87.440
injury NEC Z87.828
in utero procedure during pregnancy Z98.870
in utero procedure while a fetus Z98.871
irradiation Z92.3
kidney stones Z87.442
leukemia Z85.6
lymphoma (non-Hodgkin) Z85.72
malignant melanoma (skin) Z85.820
malignant neoplasm (of) Z85.9
accessory sinuses Z85.22
anus NEC Z85.048
carcinoid Z85.040
bladder Z85.51
bone Z85.830
brain Z85.841
breast Z85.3
bronchus NEC Z85.118
carcinoid Z85.110
carcinoid - see History, personal (of), malignant neoplasm, by site, carcinioid
cervix Z85.41
colon NEC Z85.038
carcinoid Z85.030
digestive organ Z85.00
specified NEC Z85.09
endocrine gland NEC Z85.858
epididymis Z85.48
esophagus Z85.01
eye Z85.840
gastrointestinal tract - see History, malignant neoplasm, digestive organ
genital organ
female Z85.40
specified NEC Z85.44
male Z85.45
specified NEC Z85.49
hematopoietic NEC Z85.79
intrathoracic organ Z85.20
kidney NEC Z85.528
carcinoid Z85.520
large intestine NEC Z85.038
carcinoid Z85.030
larynx Z85.21
liver Z85.05
lung NEC Z85.118
carcinoid Z85.110
mediastinum Z85.29
Merkel cell Z85.821
middle ear Z85.22
nasal cavities Z85.22
nervous system NEC Z85.848
oral cavity Z85.819
specified site NEC Z85.818
ovary Z85.43
pancreas Z85.07
pharynx Z85.819
specified site NEC Z85.818
pelvis Z85.53
pleura Z85.29
prostate Z85.46
rectosigmoid junction NEC Z85.048
carcinoid Z85.040
rectum NEC Z85.048
carcinoid Z85.040
respiratory organ Z85.20
sinuses, accessory Z85.22
skin NEC Z85.828
melanoma Z85.820
Merkel cell Z85.821
small intestine NEC Z85.068
carcinoid Z85.060
soft tissue Z85.831
specified site NEC Z85.89
stomach NEC Z85.028
carcinoid Z85.020
testis Z85.47
thymus NEC Z85.238
carcinoid Z85.230
thyroid Z85.850
tongue Z85.810
trachea Z85.12
ureter Z85.54
urinary organ or tract Z85.50
specified NEC Z85.59
uterus Z85.42
maltreatment Z91.89
medical treatment NEC Z92.89
melanoma (malignant) (skin) Z85.820
meningitis Z86.61
mental disorder Z86.59
Merkel cell carcinoma (skin) Z85.821
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Z86.14
military deployment Z91.82
military war, peacekeeping and humanitarian deployment (current or past conflict) Z91.82
myocardial infarction (old) I25.2
neglect (in)
adult Z91.412
childhood Z62.812
benign Z86.018
brain Z86.011
colon polyp Z86.010
in situ
breast Z86.000
cervix uteri Z86.001
specified NEC Z86.008
malignant - see History of, malignant neoplasm
uncertain behavior Z86.03
nephrotic syndrome Z87.441
nicotine dependence Z87.891
noncompliance with medical treatment or regimen - see Noncompliance
nutritional deficiency Z86.39
obstetric complications Z87.59
childbirth Z87.59
pregnancy Z87.59
pre-term labor Z87.51
puerperium Z87.59
osteoporosis fractures Z87.31
parasuicide (attempt) Z91.5
physical trauma NEC Z87.828
self-harm or suicide attempt Z91.5
poisoning NEC Z91.89
self-harm or suicide attempt Z91.5
poor personal hygiene Z91.89
pneumonia (recurrent) Z87.01
preterm labor Z87.51
prolonged reversible ischemic neurologic deficit (PRIND) Z86.73
procedure during pregnancy Z98.870
procedure while a fetus Z98.871
prostatic dysplasia Z87.430
adult Z91.411
child Z62.811
trauma, specified NEC Z91.49
radiation therapy Z92.3
breast Z98.86
renal calculi Z87.442
respiratory condition NEC Z87.09
retained foreign body fully removed Z87.821
risk factors NEC Z91.89
self-harm Z91.5
self-poisoning attempt Z91.5
sex reassignment Z87.890
sleep-wake cycle problem Z72.821
specified NEC Z87.898
steroid therapy (systemic) Z92.241
inhaled Z92.240
stroke without residual deficits Z86.73
substance abuse NEC F10-F19 with fifth character 1
sudden cardiac arrest Z86.74
sudden cardiac death successfully resuscitated Z86.74
suicide attempt Z91.5
surgery NEC Z98.89
sex reassignment Z87.890
transplant - see Transplant
thrombophlebitis Z86.72
thrombosis (venous) Z86.718
pulmonary Z86.711
tobacco dependence Z87.891
transient ischemic attack (TIA) without residual deficits Z86.73
trauma (physical) NEC Z87.828
psychological NEC Z91.49
self-harm Z91.5
traumatic brain injury Z87.820
unhealthy sleep-wake cycle Z72.821
urinary calculi Z87.442
urinary (recurrent) (tract) infection(s) Z87.440
vaginal dysplasia Z87.411
venous thrombosis or embolism Z86.718
pulmonary Z86.711
vulvar dysplasia Z87.412
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