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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 559 terms starting with the letter 'H' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


H (Hartnup's) disease E72.02
Haas' disease or osteochondrosis (juvenile) (head of humerus) - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, humerus
Habit, habituation
Haemophilus (H.) influenzae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.3
Haff disease - see Poisoning, mercury
Hageman's factor defect, deficiency or disease D68.2
Haglund's disease or osteochondrosis (juvenile) (os tibiale externum) - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus
Hailey-Hailey disease Q82.8
Hair - see also condition
Hairball in stomach T18.2
Hair-pulling, pathological (compulsive) F63.3
Hairy black tongue K14.3
Half vertebra Q76.49
Halitosis R19.6
Hallerman-Streiff syndrome Q87.0
Hallervorden-Spatz disease G23.0
Hallopeau's acrodermatitis or disease L40.2
Hallucination R44.3
Hallucinosis (chronic) F28
Halo, visual H53.19
Hamartoma, hamartoblastoma Q85.9
Hamartosis Q85.9
Hamman-Rich syndrome J84.114
Hammer toe (acquired) NEC - see also Deformity, toe, hammer toe
Hand - see condition
Hand-foot syndrome L27.1
Handicap, handicapped
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease or syndrome C96.5
Hanging (asphyxia) (strangulation) (suffocation) - see Asphyxia, traumatic, due to mechanical threat
Hangnail - see also Cellulitis, digit
Hangover (alcohol) F10.129
Hanhart's syndrome Q87.0
Hanot-Chauffard (-Troisier) syndrome E83.19
Hanot's cirrhosis or disease K74.3
Hansen's disease - see Leprosy
Hantaan virus disease (Korean hemorrhagic fever) A98.5
Hantavirus disease (with renal manifestations) (Dobrava) (Puumala) (Seoul) A98.5
Happy puppet syndrome Q93.5
Harada's disease or syndrome H30.81-
Harelip (complete) (incomplete) - see Cleft, lip
Harlequin (newborn) Q80.4
Harley's disease D59.6
Harmful use (of)
Harris' lines - see Arrest, epiphyseal
Hartnup's disease E72.02
Harvester's lung J67.0
Harvesting ovum for in vitro fertilization Z31.83
Hashimoto's disease or thyroiditis E06.3
Hashitoxicosis (transient) E06.3
Hassal-Henle bodies or warts (cornea) H18.49
Haut mal - see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
Haverhill fever A25.1
Hay fever J30.1 - see also Fever, hay
Hayem-Widal syndrome D59.8
Haygarth's nodes M15.8
Haymaker's lung J67.0
Hb (abnormal)
Head - see condition
Headache R51
Hearing examination Z01.10
Heart - see condition
Heart beat
Heartburn R12
Heat (effects) T67.9
Heavy-for-dates NEC (infant) (4000g to 4499g) P08.1
Hebephrenia, hebephrenic (schizophrenia) F20.1
Heberden's disease or nodes (with arthropathy) M15.1
Heel - see condition
Heerfordt's disease D86.89
Hegglin's anomaly or syndrome D72.0
Heilmeyer-Schoner disease D45
Heine-Medin disease A80.9
Heinz body anemia, congenital D58.2
Heliophobia F40.228
Heller's disease or syndrome F84.3
HELLP syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count) O14.2-
Helminthiasis - see also Infestation, helminth
Heloma L84
Hemangioblastoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Hemangioendothelioma - see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Hemangiofibroma - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Hemangiolipoma - see Lipoma
Hemangioma D18.00
Hemangiomatosis (systemic) I78.8
Hemangiopericytoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Hemangiosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Hemarthrosis (nontraumatic) M25.00
Hematemesis K92.0
Hematidrosis L74.8
Hematinuria - see also Hemoglobinuria
Hematobilia K83.8
Hematochezia K92.1 - see also Melena
Hematochyluria - see also Infestation, filarial
Hematocolpos (with hematometra or hematosalpinx) N89.7
Hematocornea - see Pigmentation, cornea, stromal
Hematogenous - see condition
Hematoma (traumatic) (skin surface intact) - see also Contusion
Hematometra N85.7
Hematomyelia (central) G95.19
Hematomyelitis G04.90
Hematoperitoneum - see Hemoperitoneum
Hematophobia F40.230
Hematopneumothorax (see Hemothorax)
Hematopoiesis, cyclic D70.4
Hematoporphyria - see Porphyria
Hematorachis, hematorrhachis G95.19
Hematosalpinx N83.6
Hematospermia R36.1
Hematothorax (see Hemothorax)
Hematuria R31.9
Hemeralopia (day blindness) H53.11
Hemi-akinesia R41.4
Hemianalgesia R20.0
Hemianencephaly Q00.0
Hemianesthesia R20.0
Hemianopia, hemianopsia (heteronymous) H53.47
Hemiathetosis R25.8
Hemiatrophy R68.89
Hemiballism (us) G25.5
Hemicardia Q24.8
Hemicephalus, hemicephaly Q00.0
Hemichorea G25.5
Hemicolitis, left - see Colitis, left sided
Hemidystrophy - see Hemiatrophy
Hemiectromelia Q73.8
Hemihypalgesia R20.8
Hemihypesthesia R20.1
Hemi-inattention R41.4
Hemimelia Q73.8
Hemiparalysis - see Hemiplegia
Hemiparesis - see Hemiplegia
Hemiparesthesia R20.2
Hemiparkinsonism G20
Hemiplegia G81.9-
Hemisection, spinal cord - see Injury, spinal cord, by region
Hemispasm (facial) R25.2
Hemisporosis B48.8
Hemitremor R25.1
Hemivertebra Q76.49
Hemochromatosis E83.119
Hemoglobin - see also condition
Hemoglobinemia D59.9
Hemoglobinopathy (mixed) D58.2
Hemoglobinuria R82.3
Hemolymphangioma D18.1
Hemolytic - see condition
Hemopericardium I31.2
Hemoperitoneum K66.1
Hemophilia (classical) (familial) (hereditary) D66
Hemophthalmos H44.81-
Hemopneumothorax - see also Hemothorax
Hemoptysis R04.2
Hemorrhage, hemorrhagic (concealed) R58
Hemorrhoids (bleeding) (without mention of degree) K64.9
Hemosalpinx N83.6
Hemosiderosis (dietary) E83.19
Hemothorax (bacterial) (nontuberculous) J94.2
Henoch (-Schönlein) disease or syndrome (purpura) D69.0
Henpue, henpuye A66.6
Hepar lobatum (syphilitic) A52.74
Hepatalgia K76.89
Hepatitis K75.9
Hepatization lung (acute) - see Pneumonia, lobar
Hepatoblastoma C22.2
Hepatocarcinoma C22.0
Hepatocholangiocarcinoma C22.0
Hepatocholangioma, benign D13.4
Hepatocholangitis K75.89
Hepatolenticular degeneration E83.01
Hepatoma (malignant) C22.0
Hepatomegaly - see also Hypertrophy, liver
Hepatoptosis K76.89
Hepatorenal syndrome following labor and delivery O90.4
Hepatosis K76.89
Hepatosplenomegaly R16.2
Hereditary - see condition
Heredodegeneration, macular - see Dystrophy, retina
Heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis G60.1
Heredosyphilis - see Syphilis, congenital
Herlitz' syndrome Q81.1
Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome E70.331
Hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism (true) Q56.0
Hernia, hernial (acquired) (recurrent) K46.9
Herniation - see also Hernia
Herpangina B08.5
Herpes, herpesvirus, herpetic B00.9
Herpesvirus (human) - see Herpes
Herpetophobia F40.218
Herrick's anemia - see Disease, sickle-cell
Hers' disease E74.09
Herter-Gee syndrome K90.0
Herxheimer's reaction R68.89
Hesselbach's hernia - see Hernia, femoral, specified site NEC
Heterochromia (congenital) Q13.2
Heterophoria - see Strabismus, heterophoria
Heterophyes, heterophyiasis (small intestine) B66.8
Heterotopia, heterotopic - see also Malposition, congenital
Heterotropia - see Strabismus
Heubner-Herter disease K90.0
Hexadactylism Q69.9
HGSIL (cytology finding) (high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion on cytologic smear) (Pap smear finding)
Hibernoma - see Lipoma
Hiccup, hiccough R06.6
Hidden penis (congenital) Q55.64
Hidradenitis (axillaris) (suppurative) L73.2
Hidradenoma (nodular) - see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Hidrocystoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Hildenbrand's disease A75.0
Hilum - see condition
Hip - see condition
Hippel's disease Q85.8
Hippophobia F40.218
Hippus H57.09
Hirschsprung's disease or megacolon Q43.1
Hirsutism, hirsuties L68.0
Hiss-Russell dysentery A03.1
Histidinemia, histidinuria E70.41
Histiocytoma - see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Histiocytosis D76.3
Histoplasmosis B39.9
His-Werner disease A79.0
HIV B20 - see also Human, immunodeficiency virus
Hives (bold) - see Urticaria
Hoarseness R49.0
Hobo Z59.0
Hodgkin disease - see Lymphoma, Hodgkin
Hodgson's disease I71.2
Hoffa-Kastert disease E88.89
Hoffa's disease E88.89
Hoffmann-Bouveret syndrome I47.9
Hoffmann's syndrome E03.9
Hole (round)
Holiday relief care Z75.5
Hollenhorst's plaque - see Occlusion, artery, retina
Hollow foot (congenital) Q66.7
Holoprosencephaly Q04.2
Holt-Oram syndrome Q87.2
Homelessness Z59.0
Homesickness - see Disorder, adjustment
Homocystinemia, homocystinuria E72.11
Homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase deficiency E70.29
Homologous serum hepatitis (prophylactic) (therapeutic) - see Hepatitis, viral, type B
Honeycomb lung J98.4
Hookworm (anemia) (disease) (infection) (infestation) B76.9
Hordeolum (eyelid) (externum) (recurrent) H00.019
Horner (-Claude Bernard) syndrome G90.2
Horseshoe kidney (congenital) Q63.1
Horton's headache or neuralgia G44.099
Hospital hopper syndrome - see Disorder, factitious
Hospitalism in children - see Disorder, adjustment
Hostility R45.5
Hot flashes
Hourglass (contracture) - see also Contraction, hourglass
Household, housing circumstance affecting care Z59.9
Housemaid's knee - see Bursitis, prepatellar
Hudson (-Stähli) line (cornea) - see Pigmentation, cornea, anterior
Humidifier lung or pneumonitis J67.7
Humiliation (experience) in childhood Z62.898
Humpback (acquired) - see Kyphosis
Hunchback (acquired) - see Kyphosis
Hunger T73.0
Hungry bone syndrome E83.81
Hunner's ulcer - see Cystitis, chronic, interstitial
Huntington's disease or chorea G10
Hurler (-Scheie) disease or syndrome E76.02
Hurst's disease G36.1
Hurthle cell
Hutchinson-Boeck disease or syndrome - see Sarcoidosis
Hutchinson-Gilford disease or syndrome E34.8
Hyalin plaque, sclera, senile H15.89
Hyaline membrane (disease) (lung) (pulmonary) (newborn) P22.0
Hyalitis, hyalosis, asteroid - see also Deposit, crystalline
Hydatidiform mole (benign) (complicating pregnancy) (delivered) (undelivered) O01.9
Hydatidosis - see Echinococcus
Hydradenitis (axillaris) (suppurative) L73.2
Hydradenoma - see Hidradenoma
Hydramnios O40.-
Hydrancephaly, hydranencephaly Q04.3
Hydrargyrism NEC - see Poisoning, mercury
Hydrarthrosis - see also Effusion, joint
Hydremia D64.89
Hydrencephalocele (congenital) - see Encephalocele
Hydrencephalomeningocele (congenital) - see Encephalocele
Hydroa R23.8
Hydroadenitis (axillaris) (suppurative) L73.2
Hydrocalycosis - see Hydronephrosis
Hydrocele (spermatic cord) (testis) (tunica vaginalis) N43.3
Hydrocephalus (acquired) (external) (internal) (malignant) (recurrent) G91.9
Hydrocolpos (congenital) N89.8
Hydrocystoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Hydroencephalocele (congenital) - see Encephalocele
Hydroencephalomeningocele (congenital) - see Encephalocele
Hydrohematopneumothorax - see Hemothorax
Hydromeningitis - see Meningitis
Hydromeningocele (spinal) - see also Spina bifida
Hydrometra N85.8
Hydrometrocolpos N89.8
Hydromicrocephaly Q02
Hydromphalos (since birth) Q45.8
Hydromyelia Q06.4
Hydromyelocele - see Spina bifida
Hydronephrosis (atrophic) (early) (functionless) (intermittent) (primary) (secondary) NEC N13.30
Hydropericarditis - see Pericarditis
Hydropericardium - see Pericarditis
Hydroperitoneum R18.8
Hydrophobia - see Rabies
Hydrophthalmos Q15.0
Hydropneumohemothorax - see Hemothorax
Hydropneumopericarditis - see Pericarditis
Hydropneumopericardium - see Pericarditis
Hydropneumothorax J94.8
Hydrops R60.9
Hydropyonephrosis N13.6
Hydrorachis Q06.4
Hydrorrhea (nasal) J34.89
Hydrosadenitis (axillaris) (suppurative) L73.2
Hydrosalpinx (fallopian tube) (follicularis) N70.11
Hydrothorax (double) (pleura) J94.8
Hydroureter N13.4 - see also Hydronephrosis
Hydroureteronephrosis - see Hydronephrosis
Hydrourethra N36.8
Hydroxykynureninuria E70.8
Hydroxylysinemia E72.3
Hydroxyprolinemia E72.59
Hygiene, sleep
Hygroma (congenital) (cystic) D18.1
Hymen - see condition
Hymenolepis, hymenolepiasis (diminuta) (infection) (infestation) (nana) B71.0
Hypalgesia R20.8
Hyperacidity (gastric) K31.89
Hyperactive, hyperactivity F90.9
Hyperacusis H93.23-
Hyperadrenalism E27.5
Hyperadrenocorticism E24.9
Hyperaldosteronism E26.9
Hyperalgesia R20.8
Hyperalimentation R63.2
Hyperammonemia (congenital) E72.20
Hyperazotemia - see Uremia
Hyperbetalipoproteinemia (familial) E78.0
Hypercalcemia, hypocalciuric, familial E83.52
Hypercalciuria, idiopathic E83.52
Hypercapnia R06.89
Hypercarotenemia, hypercarotinemia (dietary) E67.1
Hypercementosis K03.4
Hyperchloremia E87.8
Hyperchlorhydria K31.89
Hypercholesterinemia - see Hypercholesterolemia
Hypercholesterolemia (essential) (familial) (hereditary) (primary) (pure) E78.0
Hyperchylia gastrica, psychogenic F45.8
Hyperchylomicronemia (familial) (primary) E78.3
Hypercoagulable (state) D68.59
Hypercoagulation (state) D68.59
Hypercorticalism, pituitary-dependent E24.0
Hypercorticosolism - see Cushing's, syndrome
Hypercorticosteronism E24.2
Hypercortisonism E24.2
Hyperekplexia Q89.8
Hyperelectrolytemia E87.8
Hyperemesis R11.10
Hyperemia (acute) (passive) R68.89
Hyperesthesia (body surface) R20.3
Hyperestrogenism (drug-induced) (iatrogenic) E28.0
Hyperexplexia Q89.8
Hyperfibrinolysis - see Fibrinolysis
Hyperfructosemia E74.19
Hypergammaglobulinemia D89.2
Hypergastrinemia E16.4
Hyperglobulinemia R77.1
Hyperglycemia, hyperglycemic (transient) R73.9
Hyperglyceridemia (endogenous) (essential) (familial) (hereditary) (pure) E78.1
Hyperglycinemia (non-ketotic) E72.51
Hyperheparinemia D68.32
Hyperhidrosis, hyperidrosis R61
Hyperhistidinemia E70.41
Hyperhomocysteinemia E72.11
Hyperhydroxyprolinemia E72.59
Hyperinsulinism (functional) E16.1
Hyperkalemia E87.5
Hyperkeratosis L85.9 - see also Keratosis
Hyperkinesia, hyperkinetic (disease) (reaction) (syndrome) (childhood) (adolescence) - see also Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
Hyperleucine-isoleucinemia E71.19
Hyperlipemia, hyperlipidemia E78.5
Hyperlipidosis E75.6
Hyperlipoproteinemia E78.5
Hyperlucent lung, unilateral J43.0
Hyperlysinemia E72.3
Hypermagnesemia E83.41
Hypermenorrhea N92.0
Hypermethioninemia E72.19
Hypermetropia (congenital) H52.0-
Hypermobility, hypermotility
Hypernasality R49.21
Hypernatremia E87.0
Hypernephroma C64.-
Hyperopia - see Hypermetropia
Hyperorexia nervosa F50.2
Hyperornithinemia E72.4
Hyperosmia R43.1
Hyperosmolality E87.0
Hyperostosis (monomelic) - see also Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
Hyperovarism E28.8
Hyperoxaluria (primary) E72.53
Hyperparathyroidism E21.3
Hyperpathia R20.8
Hyperperistalsis R19.2
Hyperpermeability, capillary I78.8
Hyperphagia R63.2
Hyperphenylalaninemia NEC E70.1
Hyperphoria (alternating) H50.53
Hyperphosphatemia E83.39
Hyperpiesis, hyperpiesia - see Hypertension
Hyperpigmentation - see also Pigmentation
Hyperpinealism E34.8
Hyperpituitarism E22.9
Hyperplasia, hyperplastic
Hyperpnea - see Hyperventilation
Hyperpotassemia E87.5
Hyperprebetalipoproteinemia (familial) E78.1
Hyperprolactinemia E22.1
Hyperprolinemia (type I) (type II) E72.59
Hyperproteinemia E88.09
Hyperprothrombinemia, causing coagulation factor deficiency D68.4
Hyperpyrexia R50.9
Hyper-reflexia R29.2
Hypersalivation K11.7
Hypersegmentation, leukocytic, hereditary D72.0
Hypersensitive, hypersensitiveness, hypersensitivity - see also Allergy
Hypersomnia (organic) G47.10
Hypersplenia, hypersplenism D73.1
Hyperstimulation, ovaries (associated with induced ovulation) N98.1
Hypersusceptibility - see Allergy
Hypertelorism (ocular) (orbital) Q75.2
Hypertension, hypertensive (accelerated) (benign) (essential) (idiopathic) (malignant) (systemic) I10
Hypertensive urgency - see Hypertension
Hyperthecosis ovary E28.8
Hyperthermia (of unknown origin) - see also Hyperpyrexia
Hyperthyroid (recurrent) - see Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism (latent) (pre-adult) (recurrent) E05.90
Hypertony, hypertonia, hypertonicity
Hypertrichosis L68.9
Hypertriglyceridemia, essential E78.1
Hypertrophy, hypertrophic
Hypertropia H50.2-
Hypertyrosinemia E70.21
Hyperuricemia (asymptomatic) E79.0
Hypervalinemia E71.19
Hyperventilation (tetany) R06.4
Hypervitaminosis (dietary) NEC E67.8
Hypervolemia E87.70
Hypesthesia R20.1
Hyphema H21.0-
Hypoacidity, gastric K31.89
Hypoadrenalism, hypoadrenia E27.40
Hypoadrenocorticism E27.40
Hypoalbuminemia E88.09
Hypoaldosteronism E27.40
Hypoalphalipoproteinemia E78.6
Hypobarism T70.29
Hypobaropathy T70.29
Hypobetalipoproteinemia (familial) E78.6
Hypocalcemia E83.51
Hypochloremia E87.8
Hypochlorhydria K31.89
Hypochondria, hypochondriac, hypochondriasis (reaction) F45.21
Hypochondrogenesis Q77.0
Hypochondroplasia Q77.4
Hypochromasia, blood cells D50.8
Hypodontia - see Anodontia
Hypoeosinophilia D72.89
Hypoesthesia R20.1
Hypofibrinogenemia D68.8
Hypogalactia O92.4
Hypogammaglobulinemia D80.1 - see also Agammaglobulinemia
Hypogenitalism (congenital) - see Hypogonadism
Hypoglossia Q38.3
Hypoglycemia (spontaneous) E16.2
Hypohidrosis, hypoidrosis L74.4
Hypoinsulinemia, postprocedural E89.1
Hypokalemia E87.6
Hypoleukocytosis - see Agranulocytosis
Hypolipoproteinemia (alpha) (beta) E78.6
Hypomagnesemia E83.42
Hypomania, hypomanic reaction F30.8
Hypomenorrhea - see Oligomenorrhea
Hypometabolism R63.8
Hyponasality R49.22
Hyponatremia E87.1
Hypo-osmolality E87.1
Hypo-ovarianism, hypo-ovarism E28.39
Hypoparathyroidism E20.9
Hypoperfusion (in)
Hypopharyngitis - see Laryngopharyngitis
Hypophoria H50.53
Hypophosphatemia, hypophosphatasia (acquired) (congenital) (renal) E83.39
Hypophyseal, hypophysis - see also condition
Hypopiesis - see Hypotension
Hypopinealism E34.8
Hypopituitarism (juvenile) E23.0
Hypoplasia, hypoplastic
Hypopotassemia E87.6
Hypoproconvertinemia, congenital (hereditary) D68.2
Hypoproteinemia E77.8
Hypoprothrombinemia (congenital) (hereditary) (idiopathic) D68.2
Hypoptyalism K11.7
Hypopyon (eye) (anterior chamber) - see Iridocyclitis, acute, hypopyon
Hypopyrexia R68.0
Hyporeflexia R29.2
Hyposegmentation, leukocytic, hereditary D72.0
Hyposiderinemia D50.9
Hypospadias Q54.9
Hypospermatogenesis - see Oligospermia
Hyposplenism D73.0
Hypostasis pulmonary, passive - see Edema, lung
Hypostatic - see condition
Hyposthenuria N28.89
Hypotension (arterial) (constitutional) I95.9
Hypothermia (accidental) T68
Hypothyroidism (acquired) E03.9
Hypotonia, hypotonicity, hypotony
Hypotrichosis - see Alopecia
Hypotropia H50.2-
Hypoventilation R06.89
Hypovitaminosis - see Deficiency, vitamin
Hypovolemia E86.1
Hypoxemia R09.02
Hypoxia R09.02 - see also Anoxia
Hypsarhythmia - see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
Hysteralgia, pregnant uterus O26.89-
Hysteria, hysterical (conversion) (dissociative state) F44.9
Hysteroepilepsy F44.5
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