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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 106 terms starting with the letter 'K' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Kahler's disease C90.0-
Kakke E51.11
Kala-azar B55.0
Kallmann's syndrome E23.0
Kanner's syndrome (autism) - see Psychosis, childhood
Kartagener's syndrome or triad (sinusitis, bronchiectasis, situs inversus) Q89.3
Kaschin-Beck disease - see Disease, Kaschin-Beck
Katayama's disease or fever B65.2
Kawasaki's syndrome M30.3
Kayser-Fleischer ring (cornea) (pseudosclerosis) H18.04-
Kaznelson's syndrome (congenital hypoplastic anemia) D61.01
Kearns-Sayre syndrome H49.81-
Kedani fever A75.3
Kelis L91.0
Kelly (-Patterson) syndrome (sideropenic dysphagia) D50.1
Keloid, cheloid L91.0
Keloma L91.0
Kenya fever A77.1
Keratectasia - see also Ectasia, cornea
Keratinization of alveolar ridge mucosa
Keratinized residual ridge mucosa
Keratitis (nodular) (nonulcerative) (simple) (zonular) H16.9
Keratoacanthoma L85.8
Keratocele - see Descemetocele
Keratoconjunctivitis H16.20-
Keratoconus H18.60-
Keratocyst (dental) (odontogenic) - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Keratoderma, keratodermia (congenital) (palmaris et plantaris) (symmetrical) Q82.8
Keratodermatocele - see Descemetocele
Keratoglobus H18.79
Keratohemia - see Pigmentation, cornea, stromal
Keratoiritis - see also Iridocyclitis
Keratoma L57.0
Keratomalacia H18.44-
Keratomegaly Q13.4
Keratomycosis B49
Keratopathy H18.9
Keratoscleritis, tuberculous A18.52
Keratosis L57.0
Kerato-uveitis - see Iridocyclitis
Kerunoparalysis T75.09
Kerion (celsi) B35.0
Kernicterus of newborn (not due to isoimmunization) P57.9
Keshan disease E59
Ketoacidosis E87.2
Ketonuria R82.4
Ketosis NEC E88.89
Kew Garden fever A79.1
Kidney - see condition
Kienböck's disease - see also Osteochondrosis, juvenile, hand, carpal lunate
Kimmelstiel (-Wilson) disease - see Diabetes, Kimmelstiel (-Wilson) disease
Kimura disease D21.9
Kink, kinking
Kinnier Wilson's disease (hepatolenticular degeneration) E83.01
Kissing spine M48.20
Klatskin's tumor C24.0
Klauder's disease A26.8
Klebs' disease N05.- - see also Glomerulonephritis
Klebsiella (K.) pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.1
Klein (e)-Levin syndrome G47.13
Kleptomania F63.2
Klinefelter's syndrome Q98.4
Klippel-Feil deficiency, disease, or syndrome (brevicollis) Q76.1
Klippel's disease I67.2
Klippel-Trenaunay (-Weber) syndrome Q87.2
Klumpke (-Déjerine) palsy, paralysis (birth) (newborn) P14.1
Knee - see condition
Knock knee (acquired) M21.06-
Knot (s)
Knotting (of)
Knuckle pad (Garrod's) M72.1
Koch-Weeks' conjunctivitis - see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
Köebner's syndrome Q81.8
Köenig's disease (osteochondritis dissecans) - see Osteochondritis, dissecans
Köhler-Pellegrini-Steida disease or syndrome (calcification, knee joint) - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Köhler's disease
Koilonychia L60.3
Kojevnikov's, epilepsy - see Kozhevnikof's epilepsy
Koplik's spots B05.9
Kopp's asthma E32.8
Korsakoff's (Wernicke) disease, psychosis or syndrome (alcoholic) F10.96
Korsakov's disease, psychosis or syndrome - see Korsakoff's disease
Korsakow's disease, psychosis or syndrome - see Korsakoff's disease
Kostmann's disease or syndrome (infantile genetic agranulocytosis) - see Agranulocytosis
Kozhevnikof's epilepsy G40.109
Kraepelin-Morel disease - see Schizophrenia
Kraft-Weber-Dimitri disease Q85.8
Kreotoxism A05.9
Kufs' disease E75.4
Kugelberg-Welander disease G12.1
Kuhnt-Junius degeneration H35.32 - see also Degeneration, macula
Kümmell's disease or spondylitis - see Spondylopathy, traumatic
Kupffer cell sarcoma C22.3
Kuru A81.81
Kwashiorkor E40
Kyasanur Forest disease A98.2
Kyphoscoliosis, kyphoscoliotic (acquired) M41.9 - see also Scoliosis
Kyphosis, kyphotic (acquired) M40.209
Kyrle disease L87.0
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