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Rupture ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 115 terms under the parent term 'Rupture' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


abscess (spontaneous) - code by site under Abscess
aneurysm - see Aneurysm
anus (sphincter) - see Laceration, anus
aorta, aortic I71.8
abdominal I71.3
arch I71.1
ascending I71.1
descending I71.8
abdominal I71.3
thoracic I71.1
syphilitic A52.01
thoracoabdominal I71.5
thorax, thoracic I71.1
transverse I71.1
traumatic - see Injury, aorta, laceration, major
valve or cusp I35.8 - see also Endocarditis, aortic
appendix (with peritonitis) K35.2
arteriovenous fistula, brain I60.8
artery I77.2
brain - see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
coronary - see Infarct, myocardium
heart - see Infarct, myocardium
pulmonary I28.8
traumatic (complication) - see Injury, blood vessel
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.2
cystic K82.2
bladder (sphincter) (nontraumatic) (spontaneous) N32.89
following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
obstetrical trauma O71.5
traumatic S37.29
blood vessel - see also Hemorrhage
brain - see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
heart - see Infarct, myocardium
traumatic (complication) - see Injury, blood vessel, laceration, major, by site
bone - see Fracture
bowel (nontraumatic) K63.1
aneurysm (congenital) - see also Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
syphilitic A52.05
hemorrhagic - see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
capillaries I78.8
cardiac (auricle) (ventricle) (wall) I23.3
with hemopericardium I23.0
infectional I40.9
traumatic - see Injury, heart
cartilage (articular) (current) - see also Sprain
knee S83.3-
semilunar - see Tear, meniscus
cecum (with peritonitis) K65.0
with peritoneal abscess K35.3
traumatic S36.598
celiac artery, traumatic - see Injury, blood vessel, celiac artery, laceration, major
cerebral aneurysm (congenital) (see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid)
cervix (uteri)
with ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
obstetrical trauma O71.3
traumatic S37.69
chordae tendineae NEC I51.1
concurrent with acute myocardial infarction - see Infarct, myocardium
following acute myocardial infarction (current complication) I23.4
choroid (direct) (indirect) (traumatic) H31.32-
circle of Willis I60.6
colon (nontraumatic) K63.1
traumatic - see Injury, intestine, large
cornea (traumatic) - see Injury, eye, laceration
coronary (artery) (thrombotic) - see Infarct, myocardium
corpus luteum (infected) (ovary) N83.1
cyst - see Cyst
cystic duct K82.2
Descemet's membrane - see Change, corneal membrane, Descemet's, rupture
traumatic - see Injury, eye, laceration
diaphragm, traumatic - see Injury, intrathoracic, diaphragm
disc - see Rupture, intervertebral disc
diverticulum (intestine) K57.80
with bleeding K57.81
bladder N32.3
large intestine K57.20
bleeding K57.21
small intestine K57.40
with bleeding K57.41
small intestine K57.00
bleeding K57.01
large intestine K57.40
with bleeding K57.41
duodenal stump K31.89
ear drum (nontraumatic) - see also Perforation, tympanum
traumatic S09.2-
due to blast injury - see Injury, blast, ear
esophagus K22.3
eye (without prolapse or loss of intraocular tissue) - see Injury, eye, laceration
fallopian tube NEC (nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
due to pregnancy O00.1
fontanel P13.1
gallbladder K82.2
traumatic S36.128
gastric - see also Rupture, stomach
vessel K92.2
globe (eye) (traumatic) - see Injury, eye, laceration
graafian follicle (hematoma) N83.0
heart - see Rupture, cardiac
hymen (nontraumatic) (nonintentional) N89.8
internal organ, traumatic - see Injury, by site
intervertebral disc - see Displacement, intervertebral disc
traumatic - see Rupture, traumatic, intervertebral disc
intestine NEC (nontraumatic) K63.1
traumatic - see Injury, intestine
iris - see also Abnormality, pupillary
traumatic - see Injury, eye, laceration
joint capsule, traumatic - see Sprain
kidney (traumatic) S37.06-
birth injury P15.8
nontraumatic N28.89
lacrimal duct (traumatic) - see Injury, eye, specified site NEC
lens (cataract) (traumatic) - see Cataract, traumatic
ligament, traumatic - see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, by site
liver S36.116
birth injury P15.0
lymphatic vessel I89.8
marginal sinus (placental) (with hemorrhage) - see Hemorrhage, antepartum, specified cause NEC
membrana tympani (nontraumatic) - see Perforation, tympanum
membranes (spontaneous)
delayed delivery following O75.5
delayed delivery following - see Pregnancy, complicated by, premature rupture of membranes
meningeal artery I60.8
meniscus (knee) - see also Tear, meniscus
old - see Derangement, meniscus
site other than knee - code as Sprain
mesenteric artery, traumatic - see Injury, mesenteric, artery, laceration, major
mesentery (nontraumatic) K66.8
traumatic - see Injury, intra-abdominal, specified, site NEC
mitral (valve) I34.8
muscle (traumatic) - see also Strain
diastasis - see Diastasis, muscle
nontraumatic M62.10
ankle M62.17-
foot M62.17-
forearm M62.13-
hand M62.14-
lower leg M62.16-
pelvic region M62.15-
shoulder region M62.11-
specified site NEC M62.18
thigh M62.15-
upper arm M62.12-
traumatic - see Strain, by site
musculotendinous junction NEC, nontraumatic - see Rupture, tendon, spontaneous
mycotic aneurysm causing cerebral hemorrhage - see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
myocardium, myocardial - see Rupture, cardiac
traumatic - see Injury, heart
nontraumatic, meaning hernia - see Hernia
obstructed - see Hernia, by site, obstructed
operation wound - see Disruption, wound, operation
ovary, ovarian N83.8
corpus luteum cyst N83.1
follicle (graafian) N83.0
oviduct (nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
due to pregnancy O00.1
pancreas (nontraumatic) K86.8
traumatic S36.299
papillary muscle NEC I51.2
following acute myocardial infarction (current complication) I23.5
floor, complicating delivery O70.1
organ NEC, obstetrical trauma O71.5
perineum (nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N90.89
complicating delivery - see Delivery, complicated, by, laceration, anus (sphincter)
postoperative wound - see Disruption, wound, operation
prostate (traumatic) S37.828
artery I28.8
valve (heart) I37.8
vein I28.8
vessel I28.8
pus tube - see Salpingitis
pyosalpinx - see Salpingitis
rectum (nontraumatic) K63.1
traumatic S36.69
retina, retinal (traumatic) (without detachment) - see also Break, retina
with detachment - see Detachment, retina, with retinal, break
rotator cuff (nontraumatic) M75.10-
complete M75.12-
incomplete M75.11-
sclera - see Injury, eye, laceration
sigmoid (nontraumatic) K63.1
traumatic S36.593
spinal cord - see also Injury, spinal cord, by region
due to injury at birth P11.5
newborn (birth injury) P11.5
spleen (traumatic) S36.09
birth injury P15.1
congenital (birth injury) P15.1
due to P. vivax malaria B51.0
nontraumatic D73.5
spontaneous D73.5
splenic vein R58
traumatic - see Injury, blood vessel, splenic vein
stomach (nontraumatic) (spontaneous) K31.89
traumatic S36.39
supraspinatus (complete) (incomplete) (nontraumatic) - see Tear, rotator cuff
symphysis pubis
obstetric O71.6
traumatic S33.4
synovium (cyst) M66.10
ankle M66.17-
elbow M66.12-
finger M66.14-
foot M66.17-
forearm M66.13-
hand M66.14-
pelvic region M66.15-
shoulder region M66.11-
specified site NEC M66.18
thigh M66.15-
toe M66.17-
upper arm M66.12-
wrist M66.13-
tendon (traumatic) - see Strain
nontraumatic (spontaneous) M66.9
ankle M66.87-
extensor M66.20
ankle M66.27-
foot M66.27-
forearm M66.23-
hand M66.24-
lower leg M66.26-
multiple sites M66.29
pelvic region M66.25-
shoulder region M66.21-
specified site NEC M66.28
thigh M66.25-
upper arm M66.22-
flexor M66.30
ankle M66.37-
foot M66.37-
forearm M66.33-
hand M66.34-
lower leg M66.36-
multiple sites M66.39
pelvic region M66.35-
shoulder region M66.31-
specified site NEC M66.38
thigh M66.35-
upper arm M66.32-
foot M66.87-
forearm M66.83-
hand M66.84-
lower leg M66.86-
multiple sites M66.89
pelvic region M66.85-
shoulder region M66.81-
site NEC M66.88
tendon M66.80
thigh M66.85-
upper arm M66.82-
thoracic duct I89.8
tonsil J35.8
aorta - see Injury, aorta, laceration, major
diaphragm - see Injury, intrathoracic, diaphragm
external site - see Wound, open, by site
eye - see Injury, eye, laceration
internal organ - see Injury, by site
intervertebral disc
cervical S13.0
lumbar S33.0
thoracic S23.0
kidney S37.06-
ligament - see also Sprain
ankle - see Sprain, ankle
carpus - see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist
collateral (hand) - see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, finger, collateral
finger (metacarpophalangeal) (interphalangeal) S63.40-
collateral S63.41-
index S63.41-
little S63.41-
middle S63.41-
ring S63.41-
index S63.40-
little S63.40-
middle S63.40-
palmar S63.42-
index S63.42-
little S63.42-
middle S63.42-
ring S63.42-
ring S63.40-
specified site NEC S63.499
index S63.49-
little S63.49-
middle S63.49-
ring S63.49-
volar plate S63.43-
index S63.43-
little S63.43-
middle S63.43-
ring S63.43-
foot - see Sprain, foot
radial collateral S53.2-
radiocarpal - see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist, radiocarpal
ulnar collateral S53.3-
ulnocarpal - see Rupture, traumatic, ligament, wrist, ulnocarpal
wrist S63.30-
collateral S63.31-
radiocarpal S63.32-
specified site NEC S63.39-
ulnocarpal (palmar) S63.33-
liver S36.116
membrana tympani - see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
muscle or tendon - see Strain
myocardium - see Injury, heart
pancreas S36.299
rectum S36.69
sigmoid S36.593
spleen S36.09
stomach S36.39
symphysis pubis S33.4
tympanum, tympanic (membrane) - see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
ureter S37.19
uterus S37.69
vagina - see Injury, vagina
vena cava - see Injury, vena cava, laceration, major
tricuspid (heart) (valve) I07.8
tube, tubal (nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
abscess - see Salpingitis
due to pregnancy O00.1
tympanum, tympanic (membrane) (nontraumatic) H72.9- - see also Perforation, tympanic membrane
traumatic - see Rupture, ear drum, traumatic
umbilical cord, complicating delivery O69.89
ureter (traumatic) S37.19
nontraumatic N28.89
urethra (nontraumatic) N36.8
with ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.6
obstetrical trauma O71.5
traumatic S37.39
uterosacral ligament (nonobstetric) (nontraumatic) N83.8
uterus (traumatic) S37.69
before labor O71.0-
during or after labor O71.1
nonpuerperal, nontraumatic N85.8
pregnant (during labor) O71.1
before labor O71.0-
vagina - see Injury, vagina
valve, valvular (heart) - see Endocarditis
varicose vein - see Varix
varix - see Varix
vena cava R58
traumatic - see Injury, vena cava, laceration, major
vesical (urinary) N32.89
vessel (blood) R58
pulmonary I28.8
traumatic - see Injury, blood vessel
viscus R19.8
vulva complicating delivery O70.0
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