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ICD-10-CM Section A50-A64
Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission

Coding Notes for Section A50-A64

Section Includes Notes:
Includes notes further define, or give examples of, conditions included in the section.
Diseases generally recognized as communicable or transmissible
Additional Code Note:
Use Additional Code
Use Additional Code note means a second code must be used in conjunction with this code. Codes with this note are Etiology codes and must be followed by a Manifestation code or codes.
Code to identify resistance to antimicrobial drugs See code Z16.-
Section Type-1 Excludes:
Type-1 Excludes
Type-1 Excludes mean the conditions excluded are mutually exclusive and should never be coded together. Excludes 1 means "do not code here."
Certain localized infections - see body system-related chapters
Section Type-2 Excludes:
Type-2 Excludes
Type-2 Excludes means the excluded conditions are different, although they may appear similar. A patient may have both conditions, but one does not include the other. Excludes 2 means "not coded here."
Carrier or suspected carrier of infectious disease - instead, use code Z22.-
Infectious and parasitic diseases complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium - instead, use code O98.-
Infectious and parasitic diseases specific to the perinatal period - instead, use Section P35-P39
Influenza and other acute respiratory infections - instead, use Section J00-J22
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