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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 368 terms starting with the letter 'T' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Tabacism, tabacosis, tabagism - see also Poisoning, tobacco
Tabardillo A75.9
Tabes, tabetic A52.10
Taboparalysis A52.17
Taboparesis (remission) A52.17
TAC (trigeminal autonomic cephalgia) NEC G44.099
Tache noir S60.22-
Tachyalimentation K91.2
Tachyarrhythmia, tachyrhythmia - see Tachycardia
Tachycardia R00.0
Tachygastria K31.89
Tachypnea R06.82
Taenia (infection) (infestation) B68.9
Taeniasis (intestine) - see Taenia
TACO (transfusion associated circulatory overload) E87.71
Tag (hypertrophied skin) (infected) L91.8
Tahyna fever B33.8
Takahara's disease E80.3
Takayasu's disease or syndrome M31.4
Talcosis (pulmonary) J62.0
Talipes (congenital) Q66.89
Tall stature, constitutional E34.4
Talma's disease M62.89
Talon noir S90.3-
Tamponade, heart I31.4
Tanapox (virus disease) B08.71
Tangier disease E78.6
Tantrum, child problem F91.8
Tapeworm (infection) (infestation) - see Infestation, tapeworm
Tapia's syndrome G52.7
TAR (thrombocytopenia with absent radius) syndrome Q87.2
Tarral-Besnier disease L44.0
Tarsal tunnel syndrome - see Syndrome, tarsal tunnel
Tarsalgia - see Pain, limb, lower
Tarsitis (eyelid) H01.8
Tartar (teeth) (dental calculus) K03.6
Tattoo (mark) L81.8
Tauri's disease E74.09
Taurodontism K00.2
Taussig-Bing syndrome Q20.1
Taybi's syndrome Q87.2
Tay-Sachs amaurotic familial idiocy or disease E75.02
TBI (traumatic brain injury)
Teacher's node or nodule J38.2
Tear, torn (traumatic) - see also Laceration
Tear-stone - see Dacryolith
Teeth - see also condition
Teething (syndrome) K00.7
Telangiectasia, telangiectasis (verrucous) I78.1
Telephone scatologia F65.89
Telescoped bowel or intestine K56.1
Temple - see condition
Temporal - see condition
Temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndrome M26.62
Temporosphenoidal - see condition
Tenderness, abdominal R10.819
Tendinitis, tendonitis - see also Enthesopathy
Tendon - see condition
Tendosynovitis - see Tenosynovitis
Tenesmus (rectal) R19.8
Tennis elbow - see Epicondylitis, lateral
Tenonitis - see also Tenosynovitis
Tenontosynovitis - see Tenosynovitis
Tenontothecitis - see Tenosynovitis
Tenophyte - see Disorder, synovium, specified type NEC
Tenosynovitis M65.9 - see also Synovitis
Tenovaginitis - see Tenosynovitis
Tentorium - see condition
Teratencephalus Q89.8
Teratism Q89.7
Teratoblastoma (malignant) - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Teratocarcinoma - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Teratoma (solid) - see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Ternidens diminutus infestation B81.8
Ternidensiasis B81.8
Terror (s) night (child) F51.4
Terrorism, victim of Z65.4
Terry's syndrome H44.2-
Tertiary - see condition
Test, tests, testing (for)
Testicle, testicular, testis - see also condition
Tetanus, tetanic (cephalic) (convulsions) A35
Tetany (due to) R29.0
Tetralogy of Fallot Q21.3
Tetraplegia (chronic) G82.50 - see also Quadriplegia
Thailand hemorrhagic fever A91
Thalassanemia - see Thalassemia
Thalassemia (anemia) (disease) D56.9
Thanatophoric dwarfism or short stature Q77.1
Thaysen-Gee disease (nontropical sprue) K90.0
Thaysen's disease K90.0
Thecoma D27.-
Thelarche, premature E30.8
Thelaziasis B83.8
Thelitis N61
Therapeutic - see condition
Thermic - see condition
Thermography (abnormal) R93.8 - see also Abnormal, diagnostic imaging
Thermoplegia T67.0
Thesaurismosis, glycogen - see Disease, glycogen storage
Thiamin deficiency E51.9
Thiaminic deficiency with beriberi E51.11
Thibierge-Weissenbach syndrome - see Sclerosis, systemic
Thigh - see condition
Thinning vertebra - see Spondylopathy, specified NEC
Thirst, excessive R63.1
Thomsen disease G71.12
Thoracic - see also condition
Thoracogastroschisis (congenital) Q79.8
Thoracopagus Q89.4
Thorax - see condition
Thorn's syndrome N28.89
Thorson-Björck syndrome E34.0
Threadworm (infection) (infestation) B80
Three-day fever A93.1
Threshers' lung J67.0
Thrix annulata (congenital) Q84.1
Throat - see condition
Thrombasthenia (Glanzmann) (hemorrhagic) (hereditary) D69.1
Thromboangiitis I73.1
Thromboarteritis - see Arteritis
Thromboasthenia (Glanzmann) (hemorrhagic) (hereditary) D69.1
Thrombocytasthenia (Glanzmann) D69.1
Thrombocythemia (essential) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (primary) D47.3
Thrombocytopathy (dystrophic) (granulopenic) D69.1
Thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic D69.6
Thrombocytosis, essential D47.3
Thromboembolism - see Embolism
Thrombopathy (Bernard-Soulier) D69.1
Thrombopenia - see Thrombocytopenia
Thrombophilia D68.59
Thrombophlebitis I80.9
Thrombosis, thrombotic (bland) (multiple) (progressive) (silent) (vessel) I82.90
Thrombus - see Thrombosis
Thrush - see also Candidiasis
Thumb - see also condition
Thymitis E32.8
Thymoma (benign) D15.0
Thymus, thymic (gland) - see condition
Thyrocele - see Goiter
Thyroglossal - see also condition
Thyroid (gland) (body) - see also condition
Thyroiditis E06.9
Thyrolingual duct, persistent Q89.2
Thyromegaly E01.0
Thyrotoxicosis (recurrent) E05.90
Tibia vara - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Tic (disorder) F95.9
Tick-borne - see condition
Tietze's disease or syndrome M94.0
Tight, tightness
Tilting vertebra - see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
Timidity, child F93.8
Tin-miner's lung J63.5
Tinea (intersecta) (tarsi) B35.9
Tingling sensation (skin) R20.2
Tinnitus (audible) (aurium) (subjective)
Tipped tooth (teeth) M26.33
Tiredness R53.83
Tissue - see condition
Tobacco (nicotine)
Tocopherol deficiency E56.0
Toe - see condition
Toilet, artificial opening - see Attention to, artificial, opening
Tokelau (ringworm) B35.5
Tollwut - see Rabies
Tommaselli's disease R31.9
Tongue - see also condition
Tonic pupil - see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Toni-Fanconi syndrome (cystinosis) E72.09
Tonsil - see condition
Tonsillitis (acute) (catarrhal) (croupous) (follicular) (gangrenous) (infective) (lacunar) (lingual) (malignant) (membranous) (parenchymatous) (phlegmonous) (pseudomembranous) (purulent) (septic) (subacute) (suppurative) (toxic) (ulcerative) (vesicular) (viral) J03.90
Tooth, teeth - see condition
Toothache K08.8
Topagnosis R20.8
Tophi - see Gout, chronic
TORCH infection - see Infection, congenital
Torn - see Tear
Tornwaldt's cyst or disease J39.2
Torticollis (intermittent) (spastic) M43.6
Tortipelvis G24.1
Torture, victim of Z65.4
Torula, torular (histolytica) (infection) - see Cryptococcosis
Torulosis - see Cryptococcosis
Torus (mandibularis) (palatinus) M27.0
Touraine's syndrome Q79.8
Tourette's syndrome F95.2
Tourniquet syndrome - see Constriction, external, by site
Tower skull Q75.0
Toxemia R68.89
Toxemica cerebropathia psychica (nonalcoholic) F04
Toxic (poisoning) T65.91 - see also condition
Toxicemia - see Toxemia
Toxicity - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by substance, poisoning
Toxicosis - see also Toxemia
Toxinfection, gastrointestinal K52.1
Toxocariasis B83.0
Toxoplasma, toxoplasmosis (acquired) B58.9
tPA (rtPA) administation in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility Z92.82
Trabeculation, bladder N32.89
Trachea - see condition
Tracheitis (catarrhal) (infantile) (membranous) (plastic) (septal) (suppurative) (viral) J04.10
Trachelitis (nonvenereal) - see Cervicitis
Tracheobronchial - see condition
Tracheobronchitis (15 years of age and above) - see also Bronchitis
Tracheobronchomegaly Q32.4
Tracheobronchopneumonitis - see Pneumonia, broncho-
Tracheocele (external) (internal) J39.8
Tracheomalacia J39.8
Tracheopharyngitis (acute) J06.9
Tracheostenosis J39.8
Trachoma, trachomatous A71.9
Traction, vitreomacular H43.82-
Train sickness T75.3
Trait (s)
Tramp Z59.0
Trance R41.89
Transaminasemia R74.0
Transient (meaning homeless) Z59.0 - see also condition
Translucency, iris - see Degeneration, iris
Transmission of chemical substances through the placenta - see Absorption, chemical, through placenta
Transparency, lung, unilateral J43.0
Transplant (ed) (status) Z94.9
Transplants, ovarian, endometrial N80.1
Transposed - see Transposition
Transposition (congenital) - see also Malposition, congenital
Transsexualism F64.1
Transverse - see also condition
Transvestism, transvestitism (dual-role) F64.1
Trapped placenta (with hemorrhage) O72.0
Trauma, traumatism - see also Injury
Traumatic - see also condition
Treacher Collins syndrome Q75.4
Treitz's hernia - see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Trematode infestation - see Infestation, fluke
Trematodiasis - see Infestation, fluke
Trembling paralysis - see Parkinsonism
Tremor (s) R25.1
Treponema pallidum infection - see Syphilis
Trichiasis (eyelid) H02.059
Trichinella spiralis (infection) (infestation) B75
Trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis B75
Trichobezoar T18.9
Trichocephaliasis, trichocephalosis B79
Trichocephalus infestation B79
Trichoclasis L67.8
Trichoepithelioma - see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Trichofolliculoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Tricholemmoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Trichomoniasis A59.9
Trichonodosis L67.8
Trichophytid, trichophyton infection - see Dermatophytosis
Trichophytobezoar T18.9
Trichophytosis - see Dermatophytosis
Trichoptilosis L67.8
Trichorrhexis (nodosa) (invaginata) L67.0
Trichosis axillaris A48.8
Trichosporosis nodosa B36.2
Trichostasis spinulosa (congenital) Q84.1
Trichostrongyliasis, trichostrongylosis (small intestine) B81.2
Trichostrongylus infection B81.2
Trichotillomania F63.3
Trichromat, trichromatopsia, anomalous (congenital) H53.55
Trichuriasis B79
Trichuris trichiura (infection) (infestation) (any site) B79
Tricuspid (valve) - see condition
Trifid - see also Accessory
Trigeminal neuralgia - see Neuralgia, trigeminal
Trigeminy R00.8
Trigger finger (acquired) M65.30
Trigonitis (bladder) (chronic) (pseudomembranous) N30.30
Trigonocephaly Q75.0
Trilocular heart - see Cor triloculare
Trimethylaminuria E72.52
Tripartite placenta O43.19-
Triphalangeal thumb Q74.0
Triple - see also Accessory
Triplegia G83.89
Triplet (newborn) - see also Newborn, triplet
Triplication - see Accessory
Triploidy Q92.7
Trismus R25.2
Trisomy (syndrome) Q92.9
Tritanomaly, tritanopia H53.55
Trombiculosis, trombiculiasis, trombidiosis B88.0
Trophedema (congenital) (hereditary) Q82.0
Trophoblastic disease O01.9 - see also Mole, hydatidiform
Tropholymphedema Q82.0
Trophoneurosis NEC G96.8
Tropical - see condition
Trouble - see also Disease
Trousseau's syndrome (thrombophlebitis migrans) I82.1
Truancy, childhood
Trunk - see condition
T-shaped incisors K00.2
Tsutsugamushi (disease) (fever) A75.3
Tube, tubal, tubular - see condition
Tubercle - see also Tuberculosis
Tuberculid, tuberculide (indurating, subcutaneous) (lichenoid) (miliary) (papulonecrotic) (primary) (skin) A18.4
Tuberculoma - see also Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis, tubercular, tuberculous (calcification) (calcified) (caseous) (chromogenic acid-fast bacilli) (degeneration) (fibrocaseous) (fistula) (interstitial) (isolated circumscribed lesions) (necrosis) (parenchymatous) (ulcerative) A15.9
Tuberosity, enitre maxillary M26.07
Tuberous sclerosis (brain) Q85.1
Tubo-ovarian - see condition
Tuboplasty, after previous sterilization Z31.0
Tubotympanitis, catarrhal (chronic) - see Otitis, media, nonsuppurative, chronic, serous
Tularemia A21.9
Tularensis conjunctivitis A21.1
Tumefaction - see also Swelling
Tumor - see also Neoplasm, unspecified behavior, by site
Tumor lysis syndrome (following antineoplastic chemotherapy) (spontaneous) NEC E88.3
Tumorlet - see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Tungiasis B88.1
Tunica vasculosa lentis Q12.2
Turban tumor D23.4
Türck's trachoma J37.0
Turner-Kieser syndrome Q79.8
Turner-like syndrome Q87.1
Turner-Ullrich syndrome Q96.9
Tussis convulsiva - see Whooping cough
Twiddler's syndrome (due to)
Twilight state
Twin (newborn) - see also Newborn, twin
Twinning, teeth K00.2
Twist, twisted
Twitching R25.3
Tylosis (acquired) L84
Tympanism R14.0
Tympanites (abdominal) (intestinal) R14.0
Tympanitis - see Myringitis
Tympanum - see condition
Type A behavior pattern Z73.1
Typhlitis - see Appendicitis
Typhoenteritis - see Typhoid
Typhoid (abortive) (ambulant) (any site) (clinical) (fever) (hemorrhagic) (infection) (intermittent) (malignant) (rheumatic) (Widal negative) A01.00
Typhomalaria (fever) - see Malaria
Typhomania A01.00
Typhoperitonitis A01.09
Typhus (fever) A75.9
Tyrosinemia E70.21
Tyrosinosis E70.21
Tyrosinuria E70.29
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